A hat trick – and a missed one

A hat trick - and a missed one

Three days later, the two teams faced each other again in a catch-up match of the fubball A-class 3 erlangen/pegnitzgrund in ermreuth.
The leutenbacher lost with 3:5, although christian kraft was successful as a goalkeeper here as well. That's the way it is with reserves that can strengthen themselves with players from the first team. Christian kraft's hat trick was a "multiple hat trick" his chance: his coach, jorg polster, had set up several good opportunities for him, but he didn't score more often in the second game against ermreuth. "That's the way it is in fubball", sighs christian kraft "first everything goes like clockwork, and then it doesn't work out."
Christian kraft has been associated with FC leutenbach since he started playing for the club as an e-youth. At that time, there was a joint venture with the SV mittelehrenbach, but it was dissolved. After that, the FCL entered into a partnership with TSV kirchehrenbach. But by then christian kraft was already at DJK weingarts, where he had moved to because there were no C and no B youth teams in leutenbach.
Some events repeat themselves – like the youth alliance between FC leutenbach and TSV kirchehrenbach, which will be discontinued at the end of the current season. Christian kraft still played in this SG leutenbach/kirchehrenbach in the A youth until he had reached the age for the senior team. "For us youngsters, it was a special experience, because all the more mature and established players were still there, describes christian kraft, who in the following period not only witnessed the major upheaval, but also a number of (player) coaches, some of whom were only responsible for a very short time.

Trainer on trainer

First it was joe house, who was able to work with many seasoned players, then also jorg welker, who lasted relatively long with about three years, after this fatih aslan, who only lasted half a season. Also not too long stefan alt led the training, there was an internal club intermezzo with a coaching team around hagen trunschke, which saved the team from relegation from the district class. Christian kraft still remembers a sensational 4:1 win against SV poxdorf, which had already been crowned champions and promoted, and which was still reeling from the marathon promotion celebration.
While the FCL had just escaped relegation, the leutenbacher were caught in the following season. The FCL was almost hopelessly beaten. Then jorg polster arrived from FC dormitz and set off a winning streak that temporarily catapulted the team away from the relegation zone and up the table. "We probably felt too safe", christian kraft analyzes the relegation season "and after the first jolt, nothing worked anymore."
With his hat-trick win against ermreuth, kraft had brought the FCL up to seventh place in A-class 3, with a lead that ermreuth leveled again with their home win in the make-up game. After the youngest 4:4 of the leutenbacher in bieberbach (a goal of christian kraft) he sees the things relatively calmly: "we were simply once on it, and now we should not strive for the immediate promotion, but first regenerate in the A-class."
The players coming out of the sg in the coming season give him a certain anticipation and hope for the future: "i'm looking forward to playing with these guys – they're just like i was as a youngster. I also got stuck in and fought for every ball."

A-youth players come

Some of these A-youth players are already taking part in the senior training sessions and are visibly enjoying it. "That's what matters – that you have fun in fubball", according to christian kraft "we have to appear positive as a team and present ourselves accordingly. The rest comes then almost by itself."
After jorg polster announced his departure at the end of the season, the players already know what to expect: walter horsch was signed as his successor. Maybe christian kraft and his leutenbachers need a change after the turbulence of the last few years and an experienced bank trainer will do them good.

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