Brose wants to expand the weichengereuth

Brose wants to expand the weichengereuth

The B4 is to be widened to four lanes between the frankenbrucke and the southern city limits? This is to be decided on thursday (20. February 2020) become a topic in the coburg city council. The SPD faction wants to ensure that the city council rejects such an expansion – and this is what brose, the coburg vehicle parts manufacturer, wants to prevent. In an open letter on wednesday, regina wiechens-schwake, head of communications and marketing brose group, addressed the city council members.

At the beginning, wiechens-schwake pointed out that the expansion of the 1.5-kilometer-long trench was being financed by the federal government. The city is not burdened by this. The expansion is planned in the federal traffic route plan and has been called for decades. In the summer, the state building authority presented a draft for the expansion and made it clear that construction would not take place against the wishes of the city. Residents have protested strongly against the plan; some city council groups and members are also against it.

Brose to build a logistics center on the diesel road?

Brose is in favor of the expansion, wiechens-schwake makes clear: "the brose company causes a great deal of truck traffic in the south of coburg due to the arrival and departure of trucks for the supply and disposal of our production in plant 1 and plant 2. In connection with the construction of a new logistics center in the dieselstrabe, we want to improve the southern entrance to the city not only in terms of cleanliness, but also in terms of traffic flow." Trucks will then no longer approach the plant site via bamberger strabe, but via weichengereuth and uferstrabe. When and where exactly the logistics center is to be built, the brose press office did not answer on wednesday: "we will announce details of the project at a later date."

But brose already considers traffic lights at the junctions of wassergasse and ahorner berg to be indispensable because they are "extreme accident blackspots" act. "However, the red light phases would cause traffic to back up in the weichengereuth, especially in the morning and afternoon hours, as far as the frankenbrucke. This could be observed when a construction site traffic light was recently installed a few days ago on the high level of the clear plant."

A four-lane road will allow traffic to flow better, and traffic jams will also be avoided during traffic light stops, wiechens-schwake argues. This is shown by the example of the berliner ring in bamberg. The B4 is also the alternative route if the A73 is blocked by an accident or a construction site. In that case, "the best possible traffic flow is essential if the residents of weichengereuth are not to be burdened by the noise and exhaust fumes of stationary vehicles".

Regina wiechens-schwake describes the four-lane expansion of the B4 in weichengereuth as one of the "most important infrastructure measures for coburg as a business location". Her appeal: to vote against the motion of the SPD faction, which its chairman petra schneider wants to introduce in today’s meeting – as an amendment to one of the CSU faction, where it is about further information from the state building authority.

Topic left to the new city council

Wiechens-schwake asks that this topic "not be discussed during the current election campaign". In the soft region, the expansion leads to better traffic flow and less pollution for the environment and residents, argues the brose communications manager.

According to wiechens-schwake, "the new city council" should be in office by may, the 15. March chosen and from 1. May will be in office "discuss this issue again with all concerned objectively and calmly in the new legislative period and then make a decision".

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