Elmar cromer – pastor in neudrossenfeld

Elmar cromer - pastor in neudrossenfeld

Born in nurnberg, he studied in erlangen and munster after graduating from high school and was awarded his bachelor's degree on 1 january 2008. Ordained in ostheim/middle franconia in november 1985, was vicar in the old town of furth, pastor in ostheim and degernheim, last preached in weidenberg for 15 years. The 56-year-old, married and father of two grown-up children: "after 30 years in the ministry, i wanted to take on a new challenge for the last decade. I applied for the position in neudrossenfeld, was accepted and am looking forward to the time ahead of me".
He says that his work on the edge of the fichtelgebirge has made him half upper franconian by now, he says with a smile on his face. He gets along well with the mentality in the north of bavaria "if you open your heart, the hearts of the people also open".

Jogging and fubball
He already got to know the beautiful area in the rotmain valley when driving through the villages, and has already taken the limmersdorfer forest to heart. For him it is an ideal jogger's paradise, where he can really indulge in his hobby. In addition, he loves hiking and traveling, is often with friends in the south of france in the provence, there one could relax with a glass of red well.

Soccer is also part of it "just three years ago, i strengthened the old men's team of weidenberg". After all, the game with the round leather was not far from my birthplace "i come from the nurnberg district of zabo, where FC nurnberg grew up is". Therefore, he could easily be called a die-hard club fan. Earlier, he had participated in point games in central franconia, for a pastor rather unusual.

What he particularly likes about neudrossenfeld so far? "The warm welcome at the first meetings, you feel here that many people are close to the faith."

His focus and goals? Elmar cromer thinks about it for a while and says he should first take a look at everything and then draw the right conclusions. I want to be a faithful pastor to the parishioners and also try to give new impulses". The proclamation of the joyful gospel is also a matter of the heart.

Solid youth work is important
He attaches great importance to a solid youth work, after all, he comes from the evangelische jugend nurnberg, he was youth leader and deanery youth pastor for eight years. "This work remains a part of my pastor's life."

Elmar cromer considers himself a "pleasing man, one of many workers on god's vineyard". One who likes to listen and doesn't push himself. And after all, the clergyman has already made the people of neudrossenfeld happy after the short time since 1. December he is officially a citizen of the municipality, a huge compliment: "the colorful community makes me very curious and awakens rough feelings in me. It is an honor for me to be able to serve here."

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