Joy about place 3 for the effect’s youth show dance

An exciting weekend lies behind the dance guards from coburg. On saturday the effect's youth team entered the tournament at the baunataler tanzentage with their first performance in the current session.

Many new children

The team, with many new kids who had never stood on a rough tournament stage before, went to the start excited but full of anticipation. She danced her dance "screw loose, or what?" Very clean and expressive and, according to a press release, received 423 points, the same as the second-placed team from baunatal.

Not qualified

Only the worse strike score prevented the qualification for the suddeutsche championship and the jump to the silver rank. Also the youth guard and ertanzte itself mad 379 points.

Right after the performance of the youth guard alexandra pfeuffer had to change for her solo dance, because it was her turn again with start number three. Their mariechen performance did not quite match the great performance from bad staffelstein and was awarded 359 points.

In the midfield

Their somewhat older club mates finia mathes and melina meibner started as dance mariechen in the junior class. Finia took a good place in the midfield and melina danced with a grandiose performance on place five of 37 starters.

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