Special meeting on the traffic circle in march

The firefighters of marktstetten have made a lot of work to get a replacement for their 32 year old vehicle LF 16. Since a new vehicle is not financed by the city, they have looked for a used fire truck and, after two less successful attempts, have now found one in lower saxony. After a thorough inspection of the 20-year-old vehicle, which is in "top condition" they now proposed the purchase to the city council.

Even though the cost is above the budget, the council unanimously approved the purchase on monday evening. The "new" the fire truck costs just under 60,000 euros, the old one is paid for at around 7,000 euros, the fire department association adds another 5,000 euros, so that the city ends up with 48,000 euros – a new vehicle costs almost ten times as much. The necessary installation of the equipment will be done by the firefighters themselves.

In march there will be a special session in the marktsteft city council on the subject of the staatsstrabe/traugraben traffic circle. The new head of the state building authority will also be present and will present his proposals for a solution.

For the renovation of the kindergarten and school, the space program has been drawn up and submitted to the government of lower franconia. The further steps depend on the result of the examination.

Negotiations for the conclusion of a special-purpose agreement on the clearing plant in kitzingen are currently on hold due to personnel problems in the city of kitzingen. What is not inconvenient for the market stewards, since the measurement results in december were "not so great", they now proposed to buy the building were, as mayor thomas reichert said. This leaves time for the market townspeople to look further for a possible cause for the pollution of the wastewater. After the testing of some canal sections was unsuccessful, the canal in the lower maingasse is now being examined. The aim is to narrow down the area of pollution.

The ponds of the michelfeld clarification plant have been pumped dry, and the clarified sludge is stored in special sacks for drying. The next step will be to test the drainage ditch for leaks.

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