Upper castle to be renovated

Upper castle to be renovated

It doesn’t happen very often that a municipality wants to renovate a castle together with an owner. But in kups this is the case. Originally, a woman from munich, who works in berlin, wanted to build a "house" halay between the two cities to be able to meet with the family there. With the "upper castle in kups it has now become sound. And this it wants to redevelop now in co-operation with the municipality.

Oliver reib of the stettfeld engineering firm muller presented the plans at the market town council meeting on tuesday evening. According to this, the owner will renovate and occupy the main building. The municipality will in turn develop the attached commercial building with shelter, the so-called remise, into a small museum. Reib pointed out that some of the beams in the castle date back to the time before the thirty years’ war.

New staircase and elevator

It is planned to install a new staircase and an elevator at the coach house. Reib spoke about the fact that the remise had also served as a horse stable in the past. The still existing fixtures are to be removed. He also spoke of the different floor heights on the upper floor, which need to be adjusted. In addition, the existing columns in the aubenbereich should be exposed. The project is to be demanded as part of the urban development project.

Ralf pohl (SPD) asked how long the right of use had been secured and why the market was commissioning plans despite the lack of a use concept to date. Mayor bernd rebhan (CSU) spoke of a 30-year contract with the owner. He also pointed out that a certain time frame has to be adhered to in order to receive demand funds.

New logo

Another point was the presentation of the new logo, with which kups wanted to improve its image. The logo was kept in the colors of the kupser coat of arms red/blue/female. Symbolically the nine parts of the village, eight locksmiths and the central location are presented. The logo combines tradition and modernity of the community. Torsten michel reminded of the workshops with a large number of citizen participation. Ideas were developed and proposals were made in meetings. The advertising agency inixmedia was involved in the development of the logo.

Unanimous approval was given to the intercommunal cooperation "information security and data protection" agreed. Here it is a matter of the county, together with the municipalities, wanting to fill two staff positions to deal with the issues. For the market of kups the membership is connected with costs of about 8600 euro per year.

The development plan "zettlitzweg/melanger" was also approved. Four building sites are to be created on the approximately 3300 square meter site between zettlitzweg and melanger. Mayor bernd rebhan explained that there are applicants for all plots of land. He pointed out the high demand for building in his community. The goal must be that young people can remain in the market and that existing inner-city building gaps can also be closed.

Up to three million euro

At the beginning of the meeting, the mayor announced the request of up to three million euros for the village renewal of oberlangenstadt-hummenberg. The work must be carried out and completed between 2020 and 2026. Rebhan spoke of an assumed demand rate of 60 percent. Rebhan went into the upcoming mabnahmen. These include, for example, the renovation of the bridge over the muhlbach, the street space designs in the muhlgasse and nageler strabe and the creation of a local chronicle. The mayor pointed out that on the 24. October at 7 p.M., a kick-off event will be held at the sportheim in oberlangenstadt.

Furthermore, he informed that for the demolition "am hirtengraben 15" a 90-percent demand within the framework of the demand offensive northeast bavaria be secured. In total this will cost 155 437 euros. As already reported, a new kindergarten is to be built on this site.

In addition, rebhan spoke of ultrasonic water meters with radio modules that will be installed in the water network of the market kups from the year 2020. The contract was awarded to the company diehl-metering from nurnberg, germany.

The board had no objections to the request from rudolf pfadenhauer. He wants to use the copper coat of arms for the german-french partnership club. This creates a flyer and would like to bring the coats of arms of the german partner cities with it.

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