Bitten during the journey? Spider wrongly suspected after accident

bitten during the journey? spider wrongly suspected after accident

In swabia, a spider was wrongly suspected of causing a traffic accident. After a car driver drove the wrong way through a traffic circle for reasons that were initially unclear and then crashed into a pile of wood, the police initially suspected that the 33-year-old could have been bitten by a spider found in the car and therefore become unconscious.

The police from gersthofen in bavaria therefore loved to fly in a spider expert from the munich fire department by helicopter on sunday. But the expert gave the all-clear: as the fire department reported on monday, it was not a highly poisonous spider species as had been feared. The animal was "quickly identified as a non-poisonous rusty red angle spider" have been.

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The two centimeter coarse spider was found in the accident car in a container with some hashish. Since the spider has been ruled out as the cause of the driver's apathetic state, the police now assume that the 33-year-old was under the influence of drugs. The man was taken to a hospital for further treatment.

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