Dispute in neunkirchen: traffic surveillance on the backs of temporary workers?

Dispute in neunkirchen: traffic surveillance on the backs of temporary workers?

The traffic in the municipality of neunkirchen am brand and the traffic at rest have been monitored so far. This was decided in 2011 and a special-purpose agreement was concluded with the city of spalt for this purpose. The city of spalt, which is responsible for the processing of the case, advised the municipality to commission the "wach- und schliebgesellschaft" for the execution of the case. This has also been taken care of. Now, the new employee leave act (aug) could interrupt this surveillance. According to the aug, a temporary worker may only be employed by a hirer for 18 months at a time. Then three months had to be interrupted before the worker could be employed again by the same hirer. However, this will mean an interruption of three months for the traffic control.

Hiring herself?

To prevent this, the municipality was able to hire the staff as temporary workers during the period itself. The guard and lock company therefore had a "supplementary agreement" drafted, which should now be approved by the municipal council. The processing of the case continued to be taken over by the city of spalt, without additional costs during the transitional period.

But this transitional solution was met with great displeasure by a number of councils. "Do you want to oblige us to bypass a law in force? Why do you think the time limit was made? Because everywhere only temporary hires are being made. Now, after 18 months, we are supposed to use a trick to drive the law ad absurdum?", scolded anton spatz (SPD).

"Abusive regulation"

On the part of the administration it was brought out to have replied just that. "We forget the whole thing and dissolve the contract. It’s a zero-sum game anyway", emphasized spatz. The second mayor martin mehl (CSU) did not like this additional agreement at all either. "The legislator has regulated the hired labor because it has been abused. That they will then be dismissed are marches to make us participate in an abusive regulation", said flour. This could not be and he would not give himself up for it. "It can not be that we are steigbugelhalter to find an illegal solution", flour argues. Karl germeroth () expects a complete package when he contracts out a service. Mayor heinz richter () suggested to contact the city of spalt again. If they could not settle it, the contract would be terminated. Martin walz (CSU) had a different view. "We have to know the wach- und schliebgesellschaft, if that is still enough", walz said. However, he was not so quick to reject the decision to enter into the agreement, given the consequences that people then hours on the street. He therefore requested that the decision be postponed until everything has been clarified. The panel agreed.

Location of the elementary school

The decision on the location of the new elementary school was also postponed at the request of karl germeroth (). Since two workshops were still taking place and it was not yet clear whether the school would have two or three floors, whether the after-school care center would be integrated and how the school would be used by the clubs, he did not want to make a location decision without these clarifications. "All desires can not be fulfilled", walz, interjected, which germeroth confirmed. Since the school was built for the next 30 or 40 years, without the further information should not be voted in a few minutes.

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