Drought puts households in distress

Drought puts households in distress

The weekend is supposed to be heib. Up to 38 degrees were forecast by the german weather service. Although the thermometer will not rise as high on the heights of the frankenwald, kerstin rentsch is anxiously awaiting this prognosis. Because they fear their water is not enough, and the associated problems could rise.

The kleintettau woman raised her concerns at the market town council meeting on wednesday evening. Their property was not connected to the public water supply. Drinking water supplies are now at risk due to the drought, he says.

Shortages have already set in
On request, kerstin rentsch explained that she could still draw drinking water from the tap, but she had a problem with the washing machine. The washing machine is currently unusable due to a lack of water. In the meantime, she had already given her wash to the house. Their flowers and plants slowly withered because there was no water to water them.

For three years, she has been presenting her concerns to the town hall. There had also been a site meeting three years ago with mayor hans kaufmann (SPD) and two experts. These had underlined the urgency for a water connection. Since then, she has also been promised that her property will be connected to the water supply. She has asked the municipality several times "nothing has happened so far."

Water from a spring
Until now, the rentsch family has had its own water supply. Water is drawn from a "captured source with a constant inflow" taken from. The quality of the water will be tested annually during the usual water tests of the municipal water supply.
Because of the current situation, the family is now afraid to turn on the water tap. In the meantime, kerstin rentsch's feelings alternated between resignation and "something must be done" from.

The need for action on this issue is also agreed upon by the market town councilors and the second mayor, dietmar schmidt (SPD). However, the committee was surprised by the promises made by mayor hans kaufmann.

Include in household counseling
Schmidt now wants to include the securing of the rentsch family's water supply in the budget discussions and make the connection as quickly as possible. Until then, the rentschs can use the offer of the municipality to cover their water needs from the tap in the old town hall of kleintettau.

Doris neubauer, a member of the administration, confirmed that kerstin rentsch had visited the community several times to discuss the problem. She spoke of a difficulty, namely that the "cow wood" (on this site on the outskirts of kleintettau is the property) higher than the water pressure reservoir of the municipality is located. Technically, however, everything was solvable, she assured. For her it is clear that the municipality must and will take action. However, she pointed out the "special situation" on the one hand, tettau is currently in a "budget-less time", on the other hand, mayor hans kaufmann is still on sick leave.

Kerstin rentsch and her husband reinhard now hope that the water tap will not let them down and that they will finally get their water supply and be able to wash their laundry in their own washing machine again.

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