Escaped or abandoned? Live trap set for labrador dog in france

Escaped or abandoned? Live trap set for labrador dog in france

For eight weeks, a brown labrador dog roamed through the counties of forchheim, erlangen-hochstadt and the city of erlangen – looking for her home. Now andrea schopfel’s franken dog rescue team and christoph reh, chief superintendent of the uttenreuth police station, were able to secure the dog’s needle in erlangen near the parade ground. They brought the animal to the erlangen animal shelter. It is considered lost property: the dog is chipped but not registered, so that the owner could not be determined until now. A search report was also not received in the past weeks. This leaves only two possibilities. "Either the labrador comes from very far away or the owner wanted to get rid of the dog", explains christoph reh, the animal protection officer of the erlangen-land police department, who was present at the security operation on saturday. Capturing this was almost as adventurous as the odyssey of the female dog. "It was the connen of the search dog team. He worked tirelessly 24 hours a day, seven days a week", praises the work of schopfel and her animal welfare volunteers.

On the road since february

As early as february, andrea schopfel had been asked to help in the search for the labrador, which was still on the loose in the grafenberg area at the time. The dog was trusting. However, she did not accept the food provided. And as soon as you reached out for it, it ran away. "No dog likes to be alone outside and fight for survival", says andrea schopfel from gunzenhausen, who took over here. After the reported sightings, she made a map to follow the route of the labrador. At that time the dog was already on the move in igensdorf and the area around neunkirchen am brand. Eventually she ran further and further in the direction of bubenreuth and erlangen. The map shows that the labrador spent most of its time there. Nevertheless, the often up to 25 messages per day of the supporters caused some confusion. "For a while we thought there were two labradors on the way", says, tells andrea schopfel. Because at the same time the animal welfare officer received sighting reports from grafenberg and erlangen. Andrea schmidt and ines becker then set up feeding stations at the places where the dog was seen most often. These were videouberwacht. The two employees from erlangen visited seven sites every day and stocked them with treats. But the labrador did not seem to be hungry, many burghers set up feeding stations along the dog’s route or tried to catch him themselves. The well-intentioned behavior was counterproductive for the safety of the dog. "Nadja then distributed flyers and asked people to leave the dog alone so that it could be secured", explains schopfel. Because of the attempts to catch her, the dog ran onto the straw, which she usually avoided. That the dog would fall victim to traffic was one of the major concerns of schopfel and reh.

All hunters informed

Christoph reh informed all hunters along the route. In the end, the video recordings at the feeding station at the parade ground showed success. Not only birds, martens, hedgehogs and foxes took the steak or the cooked ham, but also the labrador they were looking for. Everyone involved knew: it had to be done quickly to be able to place the live trap there. To do this, the animal protectors needed a permit from the city, which owns the place. This was impossible on friday at 2 p.M. Time ran out for the animal lovers, and so did the dog. "I have tried for three hours to reach a responsible person. The 13. Call brought the solution. The 14. Call would have been the mobile number of oberburgermeister florian janik. I must have had to stop him while he was eating dinner", tells reh. Only with the support of the two erlanger city council members jorg volleth and helmut wening and his colleague tobias nagel was it possible to make contact with the responsible parties and obtain permission to set the live trap, reh reports.

Trap from lichtenfels

The trap was brought from lichtenfels by schopfel’s employee sandra lieke. The pictures transmitted by the camera were received by katja culbertson – the first at 14.30 o’clock on saturday, shortly after the live trap had been set up. The labrador was killed by 20.42 o’clock filmed. The dog was sitting in front of the trap and sniffed around. The food attracted. Ten seconds later the dog was in it, the trap closed. "She barked briefly", female andrea schopfel, who let out a cry of joy when she heard about these live pictures. The erlanger helper andrea schmidt and christoph reh then drove to the trap. Together with other helpers, they loaded the kafig and the dog onto a trailer and drove to the erlanger animal shelter. "I fell a stone from my heart", says the overjoyed andrea schopfel. The food and the fuel costs, as well as the living traps financed schopfel from her private purse. They now wanted to purchase a coarser live trap, because not a week went by without a dog being searched for. The hundesuchhilfe franken does not receive any money because it is not a registered association. "If the dog should have been abandoned, I will initiate appropriate investigations. The animal protection law provides for a bubgeld of up to 25.000 euros for it", police officer christoph reh announces. Despite all the stress, the young labrador lady, whose age is estimated by schopfel at one and a half, at the most two years, does not seem to be emaciated. On the contrary. Rather, it is suspected that a rude person has taken a liking to the hundin. However, this will be investigated only in the next few days. The labrador needle was a challenge for the dog search help team. "This mouse will always remain in my memory.", says andrea schopfel.

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