For five euros once to the aquarena

For five euros once to the aquarena


Although a real outlook is not yet possible. But the aquarena outdoor pool in zapfendorf is to reopen as normally as possible next year – without time slots, with dwarf and annual passes. The exact prices have now been set by the municipal council.

In november, the swimming pool committee had dealt in detail with the new version of the swimming pool fee statutes. Now the municipal council still had to agree, which was done with one dissenting vote. In the coming season, the single entrance fee for visitors over 15 years of age will be reduced. The entrance fee for adults will remain at five euros, children and teenagers will pay three euros . The family card is available for 12,50 euro. For evening swimmers who enter the pool only two hours before closing time, 3.50 euros will be charged.

After the interruption by corona last year and the 2021 bathing season, which will be held under special circumstances, there will be again in the new year zwolferkarten for 50 euros (adults) and 30 euros (children and youth). New: still valid zwolfer cards, which were issued until the year 2020, are valid at most until the end of the season 2023 and are to be used up. In the future, from the 2022 season onwards, newly issued dwarf cards will remain valid for a maximum of two years – including the year of issue.

Also back are the season tickets for now 190 euro (adults) and 90 euro (children and youths). The family annual pass is offered for 280 euros. The rental of swimming trunks and bathing suits will no longer take place, this clause has been deleted from the bylaws.

Opening times soon clear

Councillor andreas hofmann (future zapfendorf , zuz) explained, in view of the advance sales should be decided promptly on the opening times in the new year. "For the people who want to buy season tickets, it is decisive whether the pool is open six or seven days a week," hofmann said. Mayor michael senger explained that details could only be determined in the spring, although the plan is to reopen as usual.

The prices were also discussed again. Markus hennemann (CSU), for example, considered the five euros for a single admission to be too high. "We will not remain competitive with other spas in this way. The guests could run away from us if they only pay three euros in hallstadt or scheblitz."Senger pointed out that the prices had already been discussed in detail in the swimming pool committee and that not every single point should be reopened now.

Sofie hildebrandt (local spokeswoman reuthlos), on the other hand, saw the prices as justified. Zapfendorf offers more than other spas, such as the steam bath and the sauna. Third mayor andreas schonath (wahlergemeinschaft oberleiterbach, WOB) looked at the "high expenses out there".

Who would like to use the bath, would already agree with the prices. He liked to let it be known that in his opinion they were still too low.

Due to the again clearly increased infection numbers, first mayor senger explained that the castle meetings planned for the beginning of december will be postponed until spring. In the cemetery, work on the paths is to start soon, but due to a high level of sick leave in the construction yard, this is not yet possible.

Dedicated the new roads in the construction area "sassendorf northwest. The hangbergstrabe is extended, the new strabe waldblick is created. Thomas schneiderbanger (lauf), rudolf bohmer (lauf), markus huber (oberoberndorf) and markus weinkamm (sassendorf) were sworn in as new field jurors.

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