Hilmar zipp bids farewell after 29 years

Hilmar zipp bids farewell after 29 years

Arnt uwe schille is the new chairman of the SPD in lichtenfels. His deputies are ina dorsch and sven eisele. New secretary is ingrid bogdahn, treasurer remains christoph spath. Helmar zipp, a long-serving city councilor, was bidden farewell. This was the result of the annual meeting in the lichtenfels city palace.

It was the first meeting of the local association after the municipal election in march. The 25 guests needed as much space in the city palace due to hygiene regulations as the 120 at the nomination of the mayoral candidate in november 2019. Mayor andreas hugerich summarized this period: "i received unbelievable support during the election campaign. Everyone had their share. Today we are the strongest SPD ever in lichtenfels."

This also has an impact on the district council, as deputy district administrator monika faber emphasized: "we have four people from lichtenfels in the district council. Our candidates over 60 years of age were well elected." The success was explained by the chairman of the lichtenfels city council, arnt uwe schille: "we are a colorful, contentious bunch in the group, which gathers ideas from all directions, not just nods off the proposals of the administration. These impulses move the city forward."

Three faces will disappear from the front row of the SPD in lichtenfels. The previous chairman markus puls decided to "temporarily" resign for professional reasons abbreviated. Helmar zipp has decided not to run again after 29 years on the city council. And ralf schneider has left lichtenfels.

Why zipp is on the left

Monika faber praised the commitment of zipp, who "at 75 has now earned the right to look forward to calmer times". The topics of the rescue sanitarian were social, his passion was the building and environment committee. "You were always critical, did not allow yourself to be bent and, as a democrat, also accepted majority decisions that did not suit you." The outgoing chairman puls said: "you have always stood up for the weak in society without making a fuss about it."

Zipp explains it this way: "we were five children at home. I know what it is like to be poor. And i just like to do others a favor. That's probably why i'm a bit more to the left."

Ralf schneider received his words of thanks as a video message from the city palace. Puls praised him as a friend who "helped to move our SPD forward with his structured thinking". Puls himself was allowed to hear how he was received by his members as chairman: "anyone who has done this before knows how difficult it is to put a list together. You had sleepless nights, but in the end you managed to find a good and successful solution for us. You held everyone together in difficult times. Thank you very much", monika faber, who was herself chairman of the local association for many years, praised him. "The responsibility of the individual is to think of others. This is what you have lived. Even if you are no longer captain, stay with us, we need you", arnt uwe schille said goodbye to his predecessor.

Change in progress at the SPD

The change in the lichtenfels SPD is still in full swing. Although only one in five of the evening's members was an enjoyer, all of them, without exception, were elected to the local association's committees. In addition to ina dorsch and ingrid bogdahn on the board of directors, monika faber and elke eisele are also members, together with benjamin apel and philip bogdahn. Gudrun rebhan is a delegate for the 60plus working group and monika faber for the working group of social democratic women. Stefan dorsch and rudi eisele represent the lichtenfels local association at the jusos, thomas petrak and dietmar heinkelmann are auditors of the SPD's finances.

One of helmar zipp's heartfelt wishes, which he has been promoting for three decades, has not yet been fulfilled. Since his first meeting in the building committee, he has wanted the city to buy its own lift truck, for example, to hang the christmas lights. Then it was not necessary to rent a vehicle every time. For the evening, zipp had to settle for a gift basket – but christmas is already almost upon us.

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