Historical society plans anniversary book

These days, the members of the habberge district historical society met at the "schafhof", to hold their annual members meeting. Around one in five members attended the meeting, which is "quite a remarkable rate for an association at the district level", as the association announced. The club also attributes the high level of interest to the plans to create an anniversary ribbon in the 15th anniversary year. Year of the association's existence in 2020.
On the occasion of the anniversary the association intends to publish a book with works on the district-wide local history. The expressed wish is that not only the well-known authors of recent years will take up the pen, but also that hitherto rather silent members will make a contribution. Should there be more contributions than the print of a manageable work allows, the historical association will consider several volumes.
But before this topic was presented by the second chairman thomas schindler, the association had to work through its statutory duties. Chairman wolfgang jager opened the meeting, before the second mayor of theres, manfred rott, addressed a laudatory greeting to those present.
Wolfgang jager gave a detailed report on the association's activities. Since the last general meeting, the association has organized about 20 events, not including committee and board meetings. Excursions, outings, lectures and guided tours were just as much a part of the program as support for scientific research. The "summer trips in august, organized by burkard hauck, can be mentioned as an example, as well as the financial and personnel support in the search for the oldest castle in burgpreppach or the inventory of the extensive archaeological deposit in knetzgau.

A wide range of activities possible

Then followed the reports on membership development and cash situation. The historical association has so far been able to resist the generally observed decline in membership, and the solid association treasury, reported by treasurer klaus kunkel, continues to permit a wide range of activities. The unanimous discharge of the board was therefore no surprise.
In a short presentation, secretary mark werner called on all members to offer even more local history events. Whether lectures, guided tours or reports for publication in the media – according to werner's speech, many more regional activities should be realized so that the association's closeness to the homeland becomes even clearer. This should have a positive effect on the number of new members, which is indispensable for the long-term success of the association, he said.

Historical findings

The already mentioned explanations about the planned jubilee volume followed, before the members asked some questions under the item "miscellaneous" dealt with.
Member of the association and linguist joachim an-draschke explained his latest findings on the meaning of the name sintheristein, which were especially interesting for the meeting place obertheres, to the eager audience. The subsequent lecture by the second chairman and archivist thomas schindler on the monastery of theres and its villages in the first half of the 18th century was even more locally relevant. Century.
Afterwards, there was a lively exchange of opinions and a cosy get-together. To sum up: the historical association in the district is on solid ground, offers a wide variety of activities and has ambitious plans for the future.

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