Industrial park: one size too big for himmelkron?

industrial park: one size too big for himmelkron?

"That is 35 football fields!" The exclamation mark with which wilhelmine denk provides her comparison is inaudible. The chairwoman of the himmelkroner local group of the federation for nature conservation is referring to the commercial area on the B 303 opposite the frankenfarm, for which about 24 hectares of farmland have been designated. After the rejection of the mobile giant XXL lutz, a logistics company is now to settle there, according to reports.

"It is not that the federal government wants to prevent nature conservation business", denk takes the wind out of the sails of any critics. "It is about the rough, which is not comprehensible. The area is oversized." The local group is of the opinion that a small solution is enough and in addition gaps should be closed. For example, there is still one hectare left for the freeway gallery.

In a conversation with representatives of the BN local group, the chairwoman said, mayor gerhard schneider himself had explained that he currently only needed five hectares. That is why there is a lack of interdependency.

Environment, traffic, flat freight

"We have everything, we can actually slowly put the lid on it", demands wilhelmine denk, who warns against further pollution, urban sprawl and an increase in traffic, which is already a nuisance. Moreover, even the mayor's party, the CSU, has made proposals to raise awareness of the need to save space.
For lydia schoberth ("i can't imagine that the citizens would want that"), the "jobs" argument is also valid not: "we have such a low unemployment rate in himmelkron that we don't need such a huge commercial area."

The members of the nature conservation association are also concerned that the municipality does not want to develop the site itself for cost reasons, but wants to leave this to an investor. "In that case, the municipality had no influence whatsoever on the selection of the companies that could locate there."

Klaus schoberth stated that the BN local group primarily wants to inform. One hopes, however, that the citizens will also become aware of the issue. "We can only kick-start the process."

The community's view of things is different. "Such differences of opinion are legitimate, they have to be discussed", says mayor gerhard schneider, who says the council agrees with him that this commercial area, which has been designated as such in the land use plan for 30 years, is necessary for the economic development of the community.

Due to the fact that the land "hangs away" from the B 303, not only a new and intelligent traffic infrastructure is necessary, but also a wastewater infrastructure.

Development costs 13 million

Here a cost sum of 12 to 13 million euro is in the room, which the municipality could not shoulder. Schneider: "local businesses are also interested. We have held talks with various companies and the landowners and have agreed on a developer whose name I cannot mention yet, but who has already approached us with initial planning variants. But the bayreuth housing association is out of the picture."

The settlement of DHL is also no longer an issue, although logistics will certainly be the backbone of this business park. In principle, however, the community is interested in a variety of uses. The desire would of course be a right to a say, but in principle the municipality can make certain determinations through the development plan, which also include statements about the choice of companies.

Regarding the small solution demanded by the nature conservationists, schneider explained that this was not realistic. On the one hand, all the parcels in the existing commercial area have been forfeited or are unsaleable, and on the other hand, a cost of around six million euros is always incurred, regardless of whether five or 24 hectares are developed. "We definitely need a traffic regulation from the B 303." Otherwise, the landowners next to the highway are all willing to sell, which is partly not the case in the inner-city area.

One company that would rather sign a purchase contract for a flat on the industrial area himmelkron-east BA I sooner than later is the forwarding company emons. According to branch manager stephan meixner, the company, which already employs 160 people in himmelkron and a further 20 at its main sites in bindlach and bad berneck, is looking specifically for expansion possibilities.

"We have been in talks with the municipality for a year already. We are looking for warehouse space for a large customer, which has specific requirements in terms of logistics and warehousing and which does not exist in the stock", explains meixner. He is by no means a friend of unnecessary flat sealing and can understand the concerns of the federal nature conservation.

"We do not want, we have to"

But the emons company has no other choice: "we don't want to expand, we have to expand. We therefore have other options and are very active in this regard."
The manager of the branch office put the area that the forwarding company will occupy in the future industrial zone at four hectares.

25 to 30 jobs

Regarding the time frame he said: "we want to be in the new building by the end of 2019 at the latest". Another 25 to 30 full-time jobs were then created there."

Time is running out, not only for the haulage company, but also for the municipality, which does not want to neglect nature conservation in addition to the interests of the economy. Mayor schneider: "we are talking about rough ecological compensation measures."

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