Local history society starts lecture

On friday, 23. February, the 2018 lecture program begins at the heimatverein. Reinhard rusam from ansbach gives a lecture on the subject of "austrian exiles in franconia.
Martin luther’s reformation had also taken root in austria. In the middle of the 16. At the end of the nineteenth century, 90 percent of austria was a protestant country. Power and faith struggles ensued between the nobility and the habsburg empire, which ultimately led to the 30-year war. Emperor ferdinand II. Had set itself the goal of ousting protestantism from its lands.
As a result, the "exiles" emigrated (evangelical christians) from upper and lower austria. They found a new home in the german free cities and in the war-ravaged villages of franconia and swabia. The awareness of this exulant origin is still present in many of the following generations today. Especially in france, many villages are characterized by it and numerous family names point to the austrian homeland and origin.
The lecture begins at 19.30 o’clock in the guesthouse heller and is free of charge. Guests are welcome.

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