“Mio” holds and expands its offer

An impressive number of 40 members signed up for the village store "mio" the members of the community of untermerzbach followed the invitation to the annual meeting in the fire station. Managing director sandra schramm reported comprehensively on restructuring and acquisitions.

Eight employees

Wolfgang beringer, chairman of the "mio" advisory board (the word stands for "in the center of town") and the italian "mio, so "my", because the burgers run the store themselves) was pleased with the good response at the meeting and especially welcomed tax consultant monika pollozek from coburg. "We have four part-time and four part-time employees", said sandra schramm.
Looking back on 2016, she said that a new meat and sausage counter with lighting was purchased. Offers are seasonal products from the region. A rooster fry comes to the "mio" every two weeks by. The school fruit program for schoolchildren and kindergarten children with fruit and vegetables was well received, and the kindergarten from lahm was also involved.

About 180 customers a day

October 2016 marked the fifth anniversary of the "mio" celebrating. On average, about 180 customers came to shop each day. "Continue to advertise our village store, take advantage of the offers and services. The 'mio' village store is the local supplier for our community, which should continue to be well supported", so sandra schramm.
In her outlook, the manager mentioned that talks had been held with new suppliers to expand the product range. To save electricity, the replacement of a freezer is planned. The entrance area is to be redesigned with a seating area.
Participated in the social day "schuler helfen schulern" (schoolchildren helping schoolchildren). From the raffle of the "mio-punch" in december it was possible to buy a munzah machine.

Withdrawing money from "mio

As there are no more banks in untermerzbach, "mio" reacted. There you can now pay with your EC card if you buy goods worth at least 15 euros. Also withdraw up to 150 euros from his account. A good service for the citizens, found sandra schramm and mayor helmut dietz (SPD). The purchase of 15 euros with payment by EC card was necessary, because "mio" for the service to the banks must pay fees.

The tax expert pollozek, went into figures of the profit and loss account of the last five years. "The numbers are commendable and there is a lot of work behind it by the manager, the team of the 'mio' and the advisory board", she said. Monika pollozek reported that she also supervised other village stores and that the one in untermerzbach was doing really well in comparison. "Keep up the good work, don't let 'mio' fall asleep", concluded the tax consultant.

Burgermeister dietz praised the commitment of sandra schramm. "She is a heart and soul player, faces up to problems and has already "ironed out" many mistakes, said dietz. Your merit and that of the advisory board and the "mio"-employees are the reason why the village store in untermerzbach is currently doing well.
He encouraged not to be afraid of a new village store in the neighboring village (in the neighboring village of kaltenbrunn such a store is currently being built) and to advertise intensively for one's own village store. If the village store is not used appropriately and therefore has to close, no more local suppliers will come to untermerzbach, said dietz.
Anne schneider was elected to replace armin hanff, who is stepping down from the advisory board.

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