Playground land is being prepared

playground land is being prepared

The playground at the fire station in biebelried is to take shape according to the wishes of mayor roland hoh. Some suggestions came from the ranks of the municipal council in the youngest session on this subject. The first thing to do now is to create a sensible look, because "the way the site is now is no solution," said hoh.

Manfred kleinschrodt suggested at the town council meeting in kaltensondheim that the heap of earth should be left as it is and the rest sawn on. Andrea czech would be cautious with bush plantings for the time being, if one wants to provide the flat with playgrounds in the foreseeable future. Barbara mechler agreed with this, saying that at best she could only imagine planting on the edges of the site.

Fence is coming down

Since on the old fenced part above the sandbox no more play equipment is there, the fence is to be removed. Then the flat is united with the land in front of the fire station. Burgermeister hoh and udo hager will then take care of the temporary improvement of the ranking. When both see a need, the local council meets on site. The board now has to decide what the site should look like later and how much to spend on which playgrounds. Gunnar kraub already put forward the sum of 100,000 euros.

Unanimous vote for expansion

Without discussion, the council unanimously approved the expansion of the fueling area at the total gas station, the construction of eleven new parking spaces for trucks, the expansion of the mineral-dense road surface and the installation of advertising structures. The council also approved the dehydration plant.

Mayor hoh explained that the expansion of the tank roof, including the dispensers, is in line with the announced expansion of the gas station during the discussion about the construction of the hydrogen filling station. Certain conditions are to be included in the building permit, for example impermeable parking spaces for trucks or advertising facilities without glare.

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