Prosecution to challenge bill cosby’s release

Prosecution to challenge bill cosby's release

About half a year after the surprise release of actor bill cosby (84), the prosecution wants to challenge this decision with the help of the u.S. Supreme court.

A petition to this effect was handed over to the surpreme court, the district attorney’s office in montgomery county in the u.S. State of pennsylvania announced on monday. It was not yet clear whether the surpreme court would actually hear the case. The court rejects the vast majority of such petitions.

Cosby had been sentenced in 2018 for sexual assault to a minimum of three and a maximum of ten years in prison. More than 60 women had accused the actor and comedian of sexual assault of various kinds. The entertainer had always denied the accusations.

After cosby had spent about three years in prison, the highest court in pennsylvania had surprisingly overturned his conviction in june – and the actor had been released. Cosby should not have been charged in this case, the court argued, because of an agreement with a prosecutor who had previously handled the case.

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