Three trees fall for new center in obertheres

Three trees fall for new center in obertheres

The revised plans for the surroundings of the new sports hall, the peter wagner school and the kindergarten in obertheres were presented to the theres town council at its most recent meeting. Also present were the representatives of the theres community, who are responsible for the village renewal and have already agreed to this approval.

Among other things, three trees have to be felled, as heike kluge from the architecture firm perleth from schweinfurt explained. This is necessary because the crowns and especially the roots protrude into the future service road, which will also become the fire department access road. Instead, a new row of small-crowned trees would be planted along one side of the road, the landscape architect explained.

Councilman uwe stuhler (grune) criticized the planned felling of trees and said: "we won’t see that again, that the new trees will give us shade for once." Mayor matthias schneider (CSU) replied that no other planning was possible. The road could not be moved, because the highly frequented miniature playground should be preserved in any case and the parking spaces could not be reduced. According to schneider, the specifications stipulate that a certain number of parking spaces must be provided. Third mayor joachim turke (SPD) also agreed that there was no alternative.

The landscaping in obertheres will be carried out together with the redesign of the road in buch (aberfelder strabe/waldsachsener strabe/im haag) as a village renewal measure. The office for rural development in lower franconia, whose representative gerald kolb was also present at the meeting, is granting a subsidy of over 50 percent for this. Of the total cost of about 1.75 million euros, the municipality of theres will have a share of 443,000 euros, of which the share for the acceptance in buch alone amounts to 251,000 euros. The administrative community pays 252,000 euros for the redesign of the schoolyard. In a second construction phase, the installation of the parking lots and the redesign of the street are planned for a later date, which is why a portion of 113,000 euros can be postponed for the time being.

The demolition of the old gymnasium in obertheres is not included in the village renewal plan. A cost estimate is not yet possible, since it must first be examined which building materials must be disposed of, explained mayor schneider. The local councils and the TG board agreed that the canal in buch should be renewed first, followed by the redesign of the road. Construction of the new center in obertheres is scheduled for completion by the end of 2021.

With three votes against, the municipal council decided to rebuild the municipal recycling center in obertheres. The containers for grass cuttings and wood are to be sunk, so that the future breast height is one meter. Also, parking spaces for parked vehicles should be rearranged and a drive-through area should be marked. The estimated cost of construction in 2018 was given as 134,000 euros. "We want to do as much as possible ourselves with our building yard so that we can save costs", said mayor schneider.

Councilman alexander schaflein (CSU) even proposed the dissolution of the recycling center in order to save the reconstruction costs. According to schaflein, the district waste center in wonfurt is located virtually in front of the door and is easy to reach. The mayor replied that the recycling center was an important infrastructure facility and that the waste management company of the district had to examine whether it would make sense to close it down.

The brunnenschlagweg in horhausen is to be rehabilitated. With an 80 percent requirement by the office for rural development, however, the current roadway must be widened. In total, together with the drainage ditch, a width of at least 8.5 meters is required, which in turn requires the acquisition of land. Alternatively, the current concrete slabs could be removed and the path gravelled, said mayor schneider. The extent to which parts of land can be acquired is now being examined.

The mayor also informed whether the municipality of theres could possibly receive a claim for upcoming sewer renovations within the framework of rzwas 2018 (guidelines of the bavarian state ministry for the environment and consumer protection for grants for water management projects). According to a complicated calculation scheme, the mayor determined an amount of 6.7 million euros that must have been invested in the past in the construction of the canal in order to be considered a hard case. From 1993 to 2020 the municipality has spent about 5.1 million for the canal, so that still an investment activity of about 1.6 million euro would be necessary. According to the current state of affairs, only then could future mabnahme be demanded with up to 90 percent

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