Excessive heat and sunshine can be very damaging to plants

Excessive heat and sunshine can be very damaging to plants

The few days of heat have already been enough to burn some berry fruits. The sun is increasingly acting like a burning glass: climate change is leaving many traces behind. Already last year, the damage caused by sunburn to leaves and soft fruits was very alarming.

Rainfall is extremely important for plants

An overcast sky, on the other hand, is a real boon for plants. If it hadn't been for the wet weather about five weeks ago, nature would have been in for a disaster. Water reserves in the soil were too low after the few rains in winter and spring to withstand a long drought without damage. So, however, dawned an incredible wax weather.

Too much sunshine is bad for vegetation

The humidity and pleasant warm love the vegetable seeds only so sprouted. The grass has reached an unusual height this year. Unfortunately, many people only want sunshine and forget how bad it is for our vegetation in the ubermab. In the forest, a permanent conversion of tree species that can better cope with climate change is already being practiced. By the way, many plants stop growing altogether when the heat is too intense and the sun is too hot.

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