Gertjan verbeek, bader’s last arrow in the stove

Gertjan verbeek, Bader's last arrow in the stove

Gertjan verbeek fits the bill for club sports director martin bader. With coach owl hans meyer, the 1. FC nurnberg 2007 DFB cup winner, celebrating the greatest success in the club’s recent history. Under dieter hecking, who also sometimes had a gnarled appearance, the club has been sailing in calm sporting waters in recent years. So now another coach who is considered authoritarian is supposed to give the players a leg up and thus bring the lurching traditional francophone club back on track.

Bader – whose ten-year tenure at the FCN has already seen the sixth change of coach – is once again making a U-turn. With thomas von heesen and michael oenning, he had already relied twice on the young generation of coaches, whose working style and appearance clearly differed from those of the "hard dogs of the industry. With vogel, who has also been described as "soft" by the public the perceived michael wiesinger, bader once again did not show a happy hand and corrected this – almost reflexively – by installing the disciplinary fanatic verbeek.

It remains uncertain, however, whether this will be able to stop the sporting downturn. Despite his sporting successes with AZ alkmaar, the dutchman has finally been dismissed prematurely due to his controversial style of management – as he was previously at feyenoord rotterdam. In this respect, the appointment of verbeek, who has never played in the bundesliga before and entered new territory yesterday, involves a great risk.

Also for bader, who can no longer afford to make another mistake on the coaching market. If verbeek doesn’t manage to save the club from the brink of collapse, the days at valznerweiher should also be over for the sports director. After all, he started out with the aim of establishing the club permanently in the top flight of fubball. If verbeek fails, then bader has also failed – and franconia has once again disappeared from the bundesliga map.

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