Michl muller inspires audience in neukenroth

Michl muller inspires audience in neukenroth

Michl muller delivered his promise of a lot of fun and a huge amount of humor in the zecherhalle in neukenroth. On "bridge day, on which the bits were allowed to stay in, his way led him to neukenroth.

While the ADAC warned of traffic jams because of the extended weekend, the journey to neukenroth, the place of his sleepless nights, was a real dream. One day after the "day of german unity, where the people in east and west were moving closer together again, the do-gooder with his program "that's what i wanted to say…" Much about politics.

Two elections behind us also gave the necessary zundstoff. It was the fault of the FDP, which had fallen by the wayside, because sabine leutheusser-schnarrenberger, one of the party's leaders, had been presented on the posters with pictures from the 1980s. On election night she suddenly aged 30 years.

The "top candidate
He felt particularly sorry for the top candidate rainer bruderle. The "top candidate has not approached laura himmelreich without reason. "Shortly before dying, one clings to everything that has to do with heaven", said the cabaret artist. The statement "I am the victim of my own dynamics" is also true can't be valid, especially not if you fall down the cellar stairs after drinking twelve glasses of wine. Now it is time to change, because in the meantime people have become accustomed to the FDP's style. "They didn't do anything, they were just always there", muller emphasized.

Emergency solution
The SPD had presented an emergency solution with per steinbruck after hannelore kraft had taken wedding photos in africa. "Per never got close to angela, that made him pissed off, so he had to give her the finger." Only stefan raab and the necklace emerged victorious from the TV duel, in which the two almost kissed each other.

The SPD candidate christian ude fared even worse in the state election. "Someone should have told him after the election that the SPD had lost." Instead, he had spent the whole evening talking about how things were going with the SPD. Due to the election victory of the ingolstadt "seed donor the world of the lower bavarians, who did not get along with beckstein, is also back in order.

The number of correctly spelled dregg-sagge is becoming increasingly coarse in politics and the public, he says, referring to uli hoeneb. "If I do good in germany, I'll just do it in switzerland, too."
And what would a performance by michl muller be without his almost legendary songs, which he celebrates in between to the amusement of the audience in a wonderfully funny way, before he then goes on with his almost unbelievable stories from politics, sports and boulevard in a breathtaking tempo and with the latest news. He jumps from one edge of the stage to the other, so that you could almost think that an android on speed had set out to look at the little things in life from a francophone point of view, to get to the heart of the matter, and to shout with delightful defiance to the astonished earthlings: "that's what i wanted to say…"

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