Selection procedure for the clinic’s successor makes waves

Selection procedure for the clinic's successor makes waves

Who will succeed hospital director reinhard hautmann, who retired in march?? FDP city councilors sebastian korber and sebastian platzek sharply criticize the selection process, which was started under former mayor franz stumpf (CSU/WUO) and is now being continued. This procedure is "presumptive" by hautmann "mabgeblich" influences. In a statement by korber and platzek it says: "after the procedure led to considerable displeasure in the foundation committee, an external company was commissioned with the pre-selection of the applicants. Subsequently, the result of a scoring was presented to the foundation committee." The FDP had already asked for the "evaluation matrix for this preselection" asked. In the council meeting on thursday, mayor uwe kirschstein (SPD) now announced "that an evaluation matrix does not exist at all". Consequently, according to korber and platzek, it is "not even remotely comprehensible according to which criteria the preselection was made".

Objectively run?

The FDP duo disagrees with the majority of the city council and the mayor that the company and the objectivity should be trusted. "We cannot understand to what extent the selection process was objective, because the selection of applicants is not comprehensible due to a lack of information, criticizes korber. It cannot be ruled out that the selection result was influenced by third parties according to criteria that are not very objective, says platzek. Even under the new mayor, the process suffers from a "lack of transparency" criticize the FDP rates and emphasize that they will not support any of the proposed candidates. "In our opinion, this unfortunate procedure does not do justice to the importance of the decision for the future of the city".

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