The bundestag is all about sustainability

The Bundestag is all about sustainability

A kind of theme week begins today for the first time in the bundestag with debates on the topic of sustainability. Most people think primarily of environmental and climate protection, both of which will also play a major role.

The principle of sustainability – "according to which no more may be consumed than can grow back, regenerate, and be made available again in the future," as it says in the dictionary – can be applied to all areas of politics. As its three dimensions are considered social, environmental and economic.

Together with the new climate protection law, the bundestag decided at the end of last year that in future it would devote one week a year to this topic. The topic will be a climate protection balance sheet of the past year and the agenda 2030, a UN catalog with 17 goals for sustainable development.

Federal environment minister svenja schulze (SPD) told dpa that sustainability is demonstrated in concrete terms: "in the discussion about the eu climate target, about ecoenergy, about agriculture, about supply chains and fair wages."Social balance, the sustainability of the economy and the environment must be kept in mind.

The sustainability week is reminiscent of the annual budget week in the bundestag, when the focus is on each ministry and its budget. SPD parliamentary group vice chairman matthias miersch, who had campaigned for such a week, warned in advance: "only concrete action will take us forward."This applies above all to economics minister peter altmaier (CDU) and transport minister andreas scheuer (CSU), who are "blocking and delaying" important decisions for the future, miersch told dpa. "We expect laws and not blob schone words."

Vice chairman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group andreas jung also warned that the week must have "concrete consequences": "we must not live at the expense of future generations, that’s why we have to manage sustainably," the CDU politician told dpa. From 2022, we must return to the debt brake and, as quickly as possible, to a "black zero," i.E., a balanced budget. Greenhouse gas emissions had to be "powerfully" curbed. For this, "in the sense of the three sustainability dimensions environment, economy and social must be permanently rewarded."Sustainability must be written into the constitution.

A colorful potpourri of motions from the opposition factions will be discussed today, many of them familiar positions – for example, the greens once again want to enforce speed limits of 130 kilometers per hour on highways, the afd wants to withdraw from the paris climate agreement. Motions of the opposition are usually rejected.

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