Two dogs have survived the tragedy

Two dogs have survived the tragedy

Even one day after the tragedy in friesen, there is still horror about this act in the district of kronach. "We are all still totally beside the cap. You first have to get over all that", says katrin meserth of the kronach animal shelter, where the dogs should actually have been housed.

All but five of the 49-year-old dog owner's animals were to be taken away because they were not kept in a manner appropriate to the species, and this was ultimately the trigger for the tragedy. The district office explains in a statement that the veterinary office first became aware of the case in june 2011 due to an animal welfare complaint.

"A subsequent official veterinary inspection revealed that a total of twelve dogs – including ten australian shepherds owned by the woman – were kept in the property in question on an area of only about 70 square meters", it says in the message. The rooms in question, where the 49-year-old woman and another person lived, "were and are much too small for keeping such a number of dogs". A species-appropriate and behavioral accommodation had not been ensured. According to the official veterinarian, the high need for exercise, especially of the australian shepherds, could not be taken into account in this facility.

Katrin meserth agrees: "these are herding dogs, they are very active, and walking around the block three times is not enough. Australian shep herds are also very intelligent dogs, they must be incredibly challenged." It doubts that a single person can really claim ten such dogs accordingly. Meserth emphasizes that the authorities in this case can not be blamed at all. "The woman was given all possibilities. At some point you have to intervene."

49-year-old did not want to reduce number of dogs
According to the district administration office, the 49-year-old was "requested in several letters and on-site discussions, as well as on the occasion of a personal interview at the district administration office in kronach, to reduce the number of dogs kept in this property to a maximum of five, in order to ensure that animal welfare standards are met" – in vain. With decision of 26. July 2012 the woman as well as the owner of the house were then even obligated to leave the house until 10 september 2012. September 2012 to reduce the dogs kept in the property to a maximum of five. Even that was unsuccessful.

A lawsuit filed by the dog's owner was dismissed by the bavarian administrative court of bayreuth on 11. December 2012 dismissed as inadmissible. The contested decision was, in the opinion of the court, rightly issued.

Even after the decision of the administrative court and with reference to its assessment, the district office has tried again to persuade the woman to reduce the number of dogs on a voluntary basis. "These attempts also failed because of the stubbornness" the 49-year-old, it says in the declaration of the authority.

Before the threat of immediate coercion, she received another letter of warning. Also to this letter she had not reacted, so that then with decision of the landratsamt from 29. January 2013 the removal of the dogs – except for five – was threatened for tuesday.

Violent reaction was completely unexpected
Because the woman had so far refused to hand over the animals and also because of the large number of animals, a dog handler and a police patrol from the kronach police station were called to yesterday's appointment in addition to the official veterinarian. "Completely unexpected" the woman then shot her ten dogs (australian shepherds) and then herself. The two parson russell terriers, which probably belonged to her husband, survived and are currently in the animal shelter, but can be picked up by the owner at any time, as katrin meserth explains.

The number of dogs killed (ten) also includes an animal that was initially found alive, but then had to be put to sleep due to severe gunshot wounds. "It is a miracle that the dog was alive at all", says katrin meserth. The bullet penetrated the forehead, exited through the jaw and finally entered the paw. "I do not know how the dog could still run. He was totally panic."

She understands that people don't like to give up their dogs, but katrin meserth has no sympathy for the 49-year-old's actions. "An animal lover does not let it come so far; with animal love this action has nothing to do." That the dog owner was affectionate with her dogs, doubts on wednesday hardly anyone who knew the woman "but it was really not species-appropriate", says a lady, who does not want to be named, and adds: "she had a hard time separating from one of her dogs, and was probably simply overwhelmed over the course of time." The dog owner herself once wrote on her website "you can live without a dog, but then life is no longer worth living".

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