A balmy night with a southern flair attracted thousands to kulmbach’s city center

A balmy night with a southern flair attracted thousands to kulmbach's city center

With a loud drone, a fiery red arrow approaches kulmbach's marketplace. Jochen isert piloted the ferrari california T, built in 2015. The car has 560 hp under the hood. But that doesn't make it the front-runner among the classy cars by a long shot. Even more is possible. Thomas reinhold, for example, drives up in a brand-new ferrari 488. Year of construction 2018. The vehicle has carbon equipment. And it puts 670 hp on the road.

Man's dream on wheels

The cameras and cell phones are clicking. Because such cars are men's dreams. Of course, it is not only about the horsepower of the autocorso that brings the italian night to kulmbach. "We can show 45 vehicles this year – even antique treasures are among them", wolfgang isert explains. And the antique treasures that walter schaller has rounded up can score points with their sympathy values.
The oldest car is a fiat topolino B500 only 16.5 hp strong, but if need be 95 kilometers per hour fast. Karlheinz erhardt once had the car "in touts and boxes" bought. It took him about 2000 hours to restore it.
At the italian night the market place became a real piazza. The staircase of the town hall mutated into a "spanish staircase". The atmosphere was almost like in rome. Passers-by who could not find a place at the beer tables were allowed to eat and drink there – something that has not been allowed at the original location for a long time.

Specialties from lugo

The kulmbach restaurateurs, especially ermanno and anka lubiato, served pizza and pasta specialties. Representatives from kulmbach's twin town lugo cooked specialties on site. And in addition, the italian fans tried real salsiccia from naples and other italian specialties. The epicurean offer was rounded off by a winery and distillery from south tyrol.
The kiwanis service club again collected for a good cause. The later the evening, the more exuberant the mood became. With original italian songs the band "napoli latina" made a great atmosphere the night to day. And the people of kulmbach danced on the street and enjoyed "bella italia" with italian moments – without the long trip over the burner.

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