After accident with child: waizendorf residents demand traffic lights

After accident with child: waizendorf residents demand traffic lights

The road divides the village. What the residents say about both sides. Many residents of waizendorf perceive the through road as a borderline: on one side lies waizendorf-east, on the other waizendorf-west. "Especially in the morning rush hour", says a mother in whose back the cars go by.

On tuesday, a seven-year-old boy was run over at the spot where the residents are now standing. The boy was seriously injured when he tried to cross the road. According to the press office of the police prasidium of upper franconia, the boy is doing better. He is approachable. Thank god.

Not acceptable for the parents
the people of waizendorf are concerned about the current accident and have gathered to finally achieve a connection between east and west. The school bus that goes to stegaurach used to stop only on the west side, so children always had to change sides from the east side, where the new housing development is located. An unacceptable situation for the parents.

It is also difficult for adults to get to the other side of the street: "how can a child do that??" Rolf kuhn nods. He lives directly on frensdorfer strabe – walking with his granddaughter across the busy street is a challenge for him.

School bus: one stop more?
The school bus stop could soon be changed. Gisela metzner, from the company of the same name, has already announced that in addition to the stop on the west side, a stop on the east side is also being considered. In consultation with claudia christel, principal of the primary and secondary school in stegaurach, this is being done. But that's not enough for christel either: "the accident is an occasion to review everything again." Also whether a traffic light on demand would not be possible.

Peter kraub, chief superintendent of the bamberg police force, can no longer listen to the discussion: "we had this discussion three years ago." At that time there had already been a traffic inspection with the authorities and the parents' council. Result: only a traffic helper path would be possible and sensible in waizendorf afterwards. But according to kraub, no one was willing to stand by the bus in the morning and keep an eye on it. In hirschaid or pommersfelden, there were enough traffic helpers from the ranks of parents and grandparents – but not here in waizendorf. "If a traffic helper had been on the scene, the accident would not have happened", kraub makes clear.

"Find traffic helpers, it's difficult", says a mother against it. Most of them are employed, after all. Principal claudia christel also says it's hard to find volunteers.

Up to now, there have been just eight helpers for 14 stops in the community.

Support from politics
Parents insist that a traffic light would be the best solution. Support also comes from the stegaurach town council. "I think the demand is completely justified", says bernd fricke (grune-burgerstimme). "There is a need for a safe pedestrian walkway." The municipality must stand up for this with emphasis. This had not been the case in previous years. Thilo wagner (freie liste-uwg) also feels the same way: "i believe that much more could have been done." The issue of traffic safety is important – whether for waizendorf or unteraurach.

"The safest thing would be a traffic light", says also daniel palasti (CSU-burgerblock). One must also think of muhlendorf, where similar problems prevailed.

"We have to keep at it now", adds heinrich schubert (burgernahe liste). Mayor siegfried stengel (CSU/burgerblock), on the other hand, says that it will be necessary to wait and see what the experts say after a traffic inspection. A solution could not be presented beforehand. After all, this is not a matter for the municipality, since it is a state road.

Parents want to write to authorities
Parents don't understand. "Why does something always have to happen first?", ask. On friday evening they met again to formulate their demands. You want to write to all the authorities. Also katharina hofer. Your nine-year-old son simon was directly present at the accident on tuesday. She brought her son to the bus stop and picked him up again in the days that followed. But that does not always work.
They had explained to simon where he was allowed to cross the street. It is now in place. A traffic light would be a great help to her son, she says, as the sheet metal avalanche rolls past her.

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