“Alex in westerland” plays “arzte” and “hosen” songs

"In this night of the night that promises us so much. Let’s experience the best", sing the "toten hosen" in their nr.-1-hit "on days like these". In the old art city small art pub "nepomuk breaks the "night of the night" on saturday, 12. January, at 9 p.M. On: "alex in westerland" play not only the best of the dusseldorf altpunkers, but also – and this makes this evening a very special one – the popular hits of the berlin altpunkers, the "arzte. So when the shout goes up "here comes alex and shortly after that the longing for westerland is sung about, then it can only be the group "alex in westerland" act.

Bands that are fully committed to the cracker of the "toten hosen have specialized or only the wisdom of the "arzte" reenactments are a dime a dozen. Alex in westerland" belongs to a very rare species, both hits from the "hosen as well as from the "music doctors" in their repertoire. The band from frankfurt knows easily how to bring the atmosphere to a boil, and also makes a point of involving the audience: the audience thus becomes an integral part of the show. Whether "young", "here comes alex", "bonnie& clyde" or "westerland – the four musicians are masters of all the hits of the german punk urges. "Unrockbar", like the "doctors say no one remains there! For all their party appeal, the musicians also attach great importance to musical depth and authenticity. The "doctors" come first typical, polyphonic singing or a solo acoustic guitar to be used. On saturday, 12. January, at 9 p.M. The quartet performs in the small art pub "nepomuk" in altenkunstadt old and young alike will be under the influence of electricity.

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