Almost 200 runners attack the zabelstein

Almost 200 runners attack the zabelstein

With almost 500 participants, the "zabelstein-runners" run was a great success of the tsv westheim yesterday sunday to a successful running event. "All good things come in threes, one could say, because the two winkelberg-runs of the previous years already attracted many runners. The third edition with a half marathon up the zabelstein was the high point, however, where last year's winner sven starklauf once again proved his running class with a clear lead of 3:30 minutes over his pursuers.

With an anxious look to the sky, the organizers got up in the early morning still a little uncertain, because it had rained during the night, and the clouds and side clouds also kept the mountain ridge of the zabelstein covered. But the weather became more and more clear, and in between there were also rays of sunshine.

Numerous helpers prepare everything in the best possible way

Organizer tobias rebmann spoke of ideal weather with pleasant temperatures and was naturally pleased about the large number of participants, which made the effort and strain of the preparations fade into the background. "Anyone who has ever organized such a running event knows how much work and time is involved." He also did not forget his many supporters, because around 80 helpers were deployed around the races. "The course seems very good, and we could also still in time the last pfutzen weggretuschieren ", he said happily and confidently.

Among the guests he especially welcomed mayor and patron stefan paulus. He outed himself as a runner and told us that he would be running a half marathon in munich for the first time next weekend and would then finish in the olympic stadium. As mayor, he was happy to support such activities in the community and spoke of a great idea for this running event.

The course was very well chosen and offered the runners, as far as their condition allowed it, also beautiful views. The half marathon was a tough one, because after a relatively flat section came the "core", a more than two-and-a-half-kilometer climb up the 489-meter-high zabelstein mountain. Rebmann spoke of a "very demanding course, where you're all done and dusted at the top. That is why there is also a refreshment stand up there. But then you will be relieved by the beautiful steiger forest landscape with vineyards down into the valley."

Also local hero uli pfuhlmann, who will start in the M 50, called this climb "very demanding and hard". I would like to master this challenge and reach the top, even if you mustn't forget that I'm getting a bit old". How much the half marathon attracted runners can be seen from the fact that almost 200 runners took part in the race.

Many young people there

For the hobby runners, the eleven-kilometer course was a little easier because they did not have to climb the zabelstein and only had to overcome minor differences in altitude. The organizers were particularly pleased that many children and young people also took part in the run. Thereby, the "zabelstein-runners" were spurted to become and also numerous other clubs in the near vicinity are doing a good job with young talents.

The runners were enthusiastic about the premiere of the "zabelstein-run" and the good organization by the "zabelstein-runners" of the TSV westheim. There will certainly be more runs, and you can be curious what the organizers always come up with new ideas.

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