“Bachelor” jan kralitschka: “sometimes i look like a smurf”

As a "bachelor jan kralitschka (36) battles for the hearts of 20 women in the new RTL show "pool champions – celebrities underwater he presents himself from 21. June against a whole series of challengers. How the modeling lawyer from bad honnef masters the leap from women’s hero into the deep end, why synchronized swimming is anything but a women’s sport and why he sometimes feels like a smurf, he reveals to the news agency spot on news.

Mr. Kralitschka, after the "bachelor take the "pool champions" now part. What made you switch to water??

Jan kralitschka: when i got the request from the channel, i already thought about it. I thought synchronized swimming was something for women and I never had anything to do with diving. I found the chance to learn a sport with an olympic coach and a professional team, which you don’t come into contact with as a normal citizen, just great.

And how is the experience? Is synchronized swimming really so feminine??

Kralitschka: i’m prepared for the jokes that are made. I also had the muscle soreness of my life after the workout. The warm-up and stretching exercises alone are a challenge. You need a lot of body tension for diving as well as for synchronized swimming and, unlike in the gym, you train not only the outer but also the deep muscles. You address completely different muscle groups.

How are the training successes so far?

Kralitschka: sometimes like this, sometimes like that. The successes in synchronized swimming are things like rhythmic feeling and movement in the water. But if you make a mistake in the diving, it can backfire big time. Partly my body looks like a smurf, the whole thighs blue. But that awakens the ambition in me. If I do a really hard belly flop, I try to catch my breath, but then run back up the tower and try to do the same jump again.

They don’t know fear of heights?

Kralitschka: not afraid of heights, but respectful of the pain.

Which high do you dare to go? Is the 10 meter board an option?

Kralitschka: I don’t know yet. I have a very good trainer who will tell me which high I am ready for.

How does such a training run. All celebrities together, or each for himself?

Kralitschka: everyone trains individually and in very different places. I also have to coordinate all this with my modeling jobs. For example, i always train parallel to a club of children from the age of six all the way to people in their 60s. With them I talk a lot and get tricks. Sometimes a child can teach you something easier than if you put too much theory into it.

What is your current relationship status??

Kralitschka: nothing has changed in that respect.

None among the bathing beauties either?

Kralitschka: no, I rather concentrated on the training. I also see the others as competitors.

And who as a rough competition?

Kralitschka: magdalena brzeska is the european gymnastics champion, she’ll probably beat us all to a pulp. And konny reimann i think is a very brave and fit guy.

First "the bachelor, now pool champions, what challenges are still waiting?

Kralitschka: it never occurred to me to do a double somersault off the tower, the idea came with the show. Overall in life, I would like to do some more interesting trips, but TV-wise I don’t know anything yet. I let it all come to me.

How do your children see that "dad"? Now for the second time on tv?

Kralitschka: my daughter doesn’t get it yet anyway, she’s too small and my son has a relatively cool attitude towards it. He is an athlete himself and thinks it is good that I am training regularly again. He always writes to me: I’ve just come from soccer practice. And I just came from synchronized swimming.

Since her participation in "the bachelor her name is also after the show still virtually inseparable with the synonym "bachelor" linked. Stort this?

Kralitschka: no, you can’t say that. It was a very interesting thing and an intensive time. Both from the experience during the show, and the period afterwards. I wouldn’t want to miss it. The people who are really important to me, my family and closest friends, still see jan first and not the "bachelor".

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