daycare center gets additional rooms

More space for childcare will soon be available in rentweinsdorf. The daycare center "budenzauber" is currently being expanded to include two group rooms, a dining room and a multipurpose room.

Some members of the rentweinsdorf SPD local association and member of the bundestag sabine dittmar recently inspected the construction site to see for themselves how the work is progressing. As can be seen from a press release of the local association, mayor steffen kropp ( SPD ) led through the construction site and explained the premises. He also reported that the expansion of the daycare center will cost around 2.5 million euros. The total amount of funds from various pots will be 1.3 million euros.

An impressive number of 40 members signed up for the village store "mio" the members of the community of untermerzbach followed the invitation to the annual meeting in the fire station. Managing director sandra schramm reported comprehensively on restructuring and acquisitions.

Eight employees

Wolfgang beringer, chairman of the "mio" advisory board (the word stands for "in the center of town") and the italian "mio, so "my", because the burgers run the store themselves) was pleased with the good response at the meeting and especially welcomed tax consultant monika pollozek from coburg. "We have four part-time and four part-time employees", said sandra schramm.
Looking back on 2016, she said that a new meat and sausage counter with lighting was purchased. Offers are seasonal products from the region. A rooster fry comes to the "mio" every two weeks by. The school fruit program for schoolchildren and kindergarten children with fruit and vegetables was well received, and the kindergarten from lahm was also involved.

Escaped or abandoned? Live trap set for labrador dog in france

For eight weeks, a brown labrador dog roamed through the counties of forchheim, erlangen-hochstadt and the city of erlangen – looking for her home. Now andrea schopfel’s franken dog rescue team and christoph reh, chief superintendent of the uttenreuth police station, were able to secure the dog’s needle in erlangen near the parade ground. They brought the animal to the erlangen animal shelter. It is considered lost property: the dog is chipped but not registered, so that the owner could not be determined until now. A search report was also not received in the past weeks. This leaves only two possibilities. "Either the labrador comes from very far away or the owner wanted to get rid of the dog", explains christoph reh, the animal protection officer of the erlangen-land police department, who was present at the security operation on saturday. Capturing this was almost as adventurous as the odyssey of the female dog. "It was the connen of the search dog team. He worked tirelessly 24 hours a day, seven days a week", praises the work of schopfel and her animal welfare volunteers.

On the road since february

As early as february, andrea schopfel had been asked to help in the search for the labrador, which was still on the loose in the grafenberg area at the time. The dog was trusting. However, she did not accept the food provided. And as soon as you reached out for it, it ran away. "No dog likes to be alone outside and fight for survival", says andrea schopfel from gunzenhausen, who took over here. After the reported sightings, she made a map to follow the route of the labrador. At that time the dog was already on the move in igensdorf and the area around neunkirchen am brand. Eventually she ran further and further in the direction of bubenreuth and erlangen. The map shows that the labrador spent most of its time there. Nevertheless, the often up to 25 messages per day of the supporters caused some confusion. "For a while we thought there were two labradors on the way", says, tells andrea schopfel. Because at the same time the animal welfare officer received sighting reports from grafenberg and erlangen. Andrea schmidt and ines becker then set up feeding stations at the places where the dog was seen most often. These were videouberwacht. The two employees from erlangen visited seven sites every day and stocked them with treats. But the labrador did not seem to be hungry, many burghers set up feeding stations along the dog’s route or tried to catch him themselves. The well-intentioned behavior was counterproductive for the safety of the dog. "Nadja then distributed flyers and asked people to leave the dog alone so that it could be secured", explains schopfel. Because of the attempts to catch her, the dog ran onto the straw, which she usually avoided. That the dog would fall victim to traffic was one of the major concerns of schopfel and reh.

New tree - new marketplace?

The uncertain future of the marketplace lime tree prompted mayor bruno gamm (UW) to consider redesigning the marketplace in ei-nersheim. Landscape planner thomas wirth presented five conceptual models to the council on wednesday, which are now to be explored in greater depth in a workshop together with burgers.

Due to dead branches and the resulting safety reasons, the community has had its distinctive marketplace lime tree cut back significantly. We are currently waiting to see whether and to what extent the lime tree will be green again. Gamm, however, already expects that the tree, which dominates the townscape, will have to be removed.
The simplest solution from the point of view of the planning office would be arc.Grun a new planting. Since the pavement also had to be renewed, the tree and fountain could be moved to the street without affecting the parking spaces.

Construction of the daycare center at herzo base will be more expensive

The apparently good economic situation in the construction sector also has its disadvantages. And these have an impact on prices. Because the companies offering favorable rates were all booked up. This was explained by architect erich popp at the meeting of the main and finance committee on thursday evening.

Concrete example: the construction of the new daycare center at herzo base. A whopping 13 to 14 percent increase in costs had to be accepted, popp explained. And this is not only due to increased prices for the procurement of materials. Above all, the ratio between favorable and somewhat more expensive companies is no longer correct. For averaging is hardly possible at the moment, because the favorable suppliers are currently occupied with orders. So the high-priced bidders were left over.

The st.-georgs parish celebrates this year’s parish festival next weekend. On sunday, 8. July, starts at 10.30 o’clock the festive service in the schwesterngarten an. From 11.30 o’clock begins the festivities on the church square with the town band hochstadt. Many culinary delights are served for lunch. In the coffee bar in the parish hall a coarse selection of cakes awaits the visitors. Donations of cakes requested by the festival committee can be delivered to the parish hall on sunday from 8 a.M., the parish informs.
A children’s program is offered by the three daycare centers of the parish from 1 p.M. In the grounds along steinwegstrabe, as well as by the scouts. There will be a raffle again this year, with prizes from hochstadt’s business world. Donations in kind or money are already received between 16.30 and 18 o’clock in the parish hall or in addition in the parish office accepted. The umbrella tarpaulins purchased by the festivities committee will once again provide sun or rain protection at the church square. At 4 p.M., dean kilian kemmer will give a comprehensive explanation of the renovation work that has already been carried out and the work that still needs to be done, including a guided tour of the organ with a musical demonstration.

Future of the railroads: industry agrees on 'rail pact

In the future, rail customers should be able to reach their destinations faster and more easily, and trains should be more frequent – and more good passengers should be transferred from road to rail.

These are rough targets named in a “rail pact” between politics and industry. But the road ahead is still long. After two years of work, politicians, unions, railroad companies and associations signed the “roadmap” for the future of rail in the federal ministry of transport. Transport minister andreas scheuer (CSU) said rail could become the number one traffic carrier. By 2030, twice as many people are to travel by the more climate-friendly railroad than before.

Smoked, smoked and smoked again

After the urban land use planning, rodelsee’s mayor burkhard klein devoted himself in detail to the issues in the community. 14 pieces were the ones he was trying to clear out. "Please stop this kind of nonsense.", pleaded the mayor.

Rumor one: rodelsee said to be the most indebted municipality in the county. Klein, on the other hand, said that the peak in 2005 was 3.8 million euros. To the 31. December 2018 it was only 845,000 euros. That is 484 euros per inhabitant. The national average is 606 euros.