Gertjan verbeek, Bader's last arrow in the stove

Gertjan verbeek fits the bill for club sports director martin bader. With coach owl hans meyer, the 1. FC nurnberg 2007 DFB cup winner, celebrating the greatest success in the club’s recent history. Under dieter hecking, who also sometimes had a gnarled appearance, the club has been sailing in calm sporting waters in recent years. So now another coach who is considered authoritarian is supposed to give the players a leg up and thus bring the lurching traditional francophone club back on track.

Bader – whose ten-year tenure at the FCN has already seen the sixth change of coach – is once again making a U-turn. With thomas von heesen and michael oenning, he had already relied twice on the young generation of coaches, whose working style and appearance clearly differed from those of the "hard dogs of the industry. With vogel, who has also been described as "soft" by the public the perceived michael wiesinger, bader once again did not show a happy hand and corrected this – almost reflexively – by installing the disciplinary fanatic verbeek.

Two dogs have survived the tragedy

Even one day after the tragedy in friesen, there is still horror about this act in the district of kronach. "We are all still totally beside the cap. You first have to get over all that", says katrin meserth of the kronach animal shelter, where the dogs should actually have been housed.

All but five of the 49-year-old dog owner's animals were to be taken away because they were not kept in a manner appropriate to the species, and this was ultimately the trigger for the tragedy. The district office explains in a statement that the veterinary office first became aware of the case in june 2011 due to an animal welfare complaint.

Us national bankruptcy all but averted

The U.S. Administration, which has been partially paralyzed for two weeks, is also expected to resume operations after a stopgap budget is passed. The bill still had to pass both chambers of congress, which was considered a near certainty. Republicans gave up their resistance.

Senate republican opposition leader mitch mcconnell confirmed the agreement. There was every indication that the bill could even make it through congress on wednesday. House republican leader john boehner said his party would not block the borrowing limit increase and the transition budget. "We put up a good fight, we just didn't win," he told radio station 700 WLW in his home state of ohio. The votes in the two chambers were still expected in the evening (local time).

Alcohol and tobacco age the brain faster

Regular alcohol and tobacco use makes the brain age a little faster. This is the conclusion reached by scientists who used artificial intelligence (AI) to link images of the brain with people’s smoking and drinking habits.

The team led by arthur toga of the university of southern california in los angeles (california, u.S.A.) presents its findings in the journal "scientific reports.

Michl muller inspires audience in neukenroth

Michl muller delivered his promise of a lot of fun and a huge amount of humor in the zecherhalle in neukenroth. On "bridge day, on which the bits were allowed to stay in, his way led him to neukenroth.

While the ADAC warned of traffic jams because of the extended weekend, the journey to neukenroth, the place of his sleepless nights, was a real dream. One day after the "day of german unity, where the people in east and west were moving closer together again, the do-gooder with his program "that's what i wanted to say…" Much about politics.

mail advertising: unwanted plastic gauze?

For the post office, it’s a lucrative market, but for some consumers it’s unwanted advertising and, above all, an environmental hazard: the wrapped advertising brochure "einkauf aktuell," which, according to the post office, reaches up to 20 million households every week.

According to the burgerinitiative letzte werbung, 33 kilograms of advertising land in every mailbox every year. And above all, the advertising leaflet of the post office is responsible for large quantities of plastic gauze and waste paper – about one billion plastic packages per year. Now the initiative is preparing lawsuits against the dax corporation. Previously, the "welt am sonntag" had reported on it.

As part of this year's patronage festival, the poxdorf theater group performed "women's power" brought to the stage, a tale in three acts by bernd gombold. The author is a long-time mayor of his home municipality of inzighofen in baden-wurttemberg.

He incorporates many suggestions from everyday life into his pieces. In keeping with the municipal election campaign in the spring of 2020, "women power" is the name of the game to show disputes in a small french village, which ticks similarly as poxdorf. The allusions are numerous and are honored by the audience with laughter and applause.

Johanni - an ancient festival

Today, on 24. June, the church celebrates the name day of saint john baptista. The baptizer and pioneer of christ withdrew into the loneliness of the wilderness until the call of god went out to him. As a bub preacher, he raised his voice against all those who disobeyed god's commandments. The evangelist john writes: "a man appeared, sent by god, his name was john. He came to bear witness, witness to the light, so that all might come to believe through him".

Midsummer festival as origin

St. John's day is one of the few festivals on which deep-rooted needs were preserved after the spread of christianity. Even when the church elevated this day to a christian holiday, it could not displace the ideas that had been alive since the earliest times and that lived on in the midsummer festival with its mysterious ghostly magic.

playground land is being prepared

The playground at the fire station in biebelried is to take shape according to the wishes of mayor roland hoh. Some suggestions came from the ranks of the municipal council in the youngest session on this subject. The first thing to do now is to create a sensible look, because "the way the site is now is no solution," said hoh.

Manfred kleinschrodt suggested at the town council meeting in kaltensondheim that the heap of earth should be left as it is and the rest sawn on. Andrea czech would be cautious with bush plantings for the time being, if one wants to provide the flat with playgrounds in the foreseeable future. Barbara mechler agreed with this, saying that at best she could only imagine planting on the edges of the site.

The wholesale grocers lippert (hof), sagasser (coburg) and the brewery gebr. Maisel (bayreuth) have, according to a press release, become the new getranke specialist wholesaler "lisa mai joined forces to meet the increased service requirements of the catering industry. In addition to a wide range of products from a single source, restaurateurs are increasingly demanding individual support and flexible service, according to the press release. Against the backdrop of these challenges, the strengths of the three companies have been pooled in terms of supplying catering customers in the bayreuth area, it is said.

Assortment will be expanded

The brewery gebr. Maisel has so far supplied its customers in the bayreuth area directly with its beers and a selected range of retail goods. The getranke grocers lippert and sagasser also serve catering customers in the bayreuth area from their locations in hof and coburg. "For decades, the three owner-operated family businesses have enjoyed not only a close business relationship, but also a relationship of mutual trust that goes beyond that. During an exchange of ideas on the future of the industry and in particular the future needs of the catering industry, the idea for a joint solution was born a long time ago", will be communicated.
From the beginning of 2018, the project will become reality and "lisa mai gmbh&" (23) and co. KG" goes to the start. The name lisa mai is composed of the first letters of the three shareholders and stands for a "tangible personality". It will be a "joint wholesale business" arise. However, nothing will change for the customer in coburg, as it is stated on request: the sagasser beverage brands will also operate under the sagasser name in the future.