Alex ulmer's entertaining excursion into the world of mushrooms

"A war rages under the earth every second, a battle with chemical substances." The fungus expert and graduate geoecologist alex ulmer in mitwitz vividly and graphically described the course of fungal growth. His lecture was all about an edible growth that goes into the cooking pot for many people, but for some it could also be the last meal. "If someone doesn’t really know their way around, it’s a bit like playing russian roulette", he admitted.

Ulmer’s lecture on the fungal kingdom cleared up with prejudices fundamentally. He answered fundamental questions, which often divide opinions, with an indomitable logic. "Do you cut off a mushroom or do you have to twist it out??", the question came from the audience. Everyone was staring intently at the expert. "A mushroom is like an apple tree, only in reverse. Does the tree break if you pick an apple or separate it?? No. Why would a fungus break it? It is rooted under the ground, what peeps out at the top is only the fruit. But nevertheless I would rather turn it out, because important characteristics for the edibility are often found at the lower end of the stem. Please be sure to leave the hole clean afterwards." Also with the traditional ideas about the "mushroom season" he said: "fungi are present all year round, even in winter. Only dry phases they do not like. And regarding the quantity limit on collecting: "it is limited to a few species, but in principle, everyone should anyway cover only their own needs. Emperor’s mushroom and truffle cannot be harvested at all. In addition, one should also consider the pollution of the fungi. And do not try blob the tour with the silver spoon, which you put in the pan during preparation to determine whether the mushroom is poisonous. This is complete nonsense. Unless you have deadly searches." In general it makes much more sense to know the poisonous species anyway, because there are much less of them than the edible ones.

Now surf for all it's worth

Yesterday at exactly 1 p.M., mayor karsten fischkal () symbolically turned the lever in the adelsdorf business park for the new DSL at up to 50 mbit/s. Around 500 households can benefit from this DSL expansion; all they have to do is apply for it at telekom. There is no automatic changeover. "For every community, an optimal internet connection is important if it wants to attract companies, but also private people", said mayor karsten fischkal.

"Telekom is pushing ahead with DSL expansion in the countryside," said mayor karsten fisch, explained ludwig nagel, head of the technical infrastructure production team at deutsche telekom. Nationwide, the company has already signed DSL cooperation agreements with over 3,000 communities.

The Bundestag is all about sustainability

A kind of theme week begins today for the first time in the bundestag with debates on the topic of sustainability. Most people think primarily of environmental and climate protection, both of which will also play a major role.

The principle of sustainability – "according to which no more may be consumed than can grow back, regenerate, and be made available again in the future," as it says in the dictionary – can be applied to all areas of politics. As its three dimensions are considered social, environmental and economic.

Dfb boss keller: make stadium visits possible with mass tests

Mass preventive testing could be the solution for returning spectators to football stadiums. At least that’s how fritz keller sees it.

"There must be a way to regain a certain normality through testing," the president of the german soccer federation told the "badische zeitung" and hopes for a partial opening of the arena for the international match against spain in early september in stuttgart.

Kulmbach house

Ole (name changed by the editors) did not know affection. He grew up in a homeless shelter and experienced fatherly violence as a very young child. Ole had to be hospitalized several times, then came to foster parents and to various youth welfare facilities, which he always had to leave after a short time. He found no support anywhere. He was homeless when he entered the "sternstunden" children's home two years ago as a four-year-old where severely traumatized children find a home.

As if frozen

"The little boy was frozen, couldn't show any emotion", remembers udo dirks, who runs the sibling gummi foundation's facility at schiebgraben. A facility without equal in bavaria. "Because we are the only ones who take in severely traumatized children as young as three years old", as edeltraud dahlhoff, who heads the "family and education" department, explains of the rubber foundation.

"In this night of the night that promises us so much. Let’s experience the best", sing the "toten hosen" in their nr.-1-hit "on days like these". In the old art city small art pub "nepomuk breaks the "night of the night" on saturday, 12. January, at 9 p.M. On: "alex in westerland" play not only the best of the dusseldorf altpunkers, but also – and this makes this evening a very special one – the popular hits of the berlin altpunkers, the "arzte. So when the shout goes up "here comes alex and shortly after that the longing for westerland is sung about, then it can only be the group "alex in westerland" act.

Bands that are fully committed to the cracker of the "toten hosen have specialized or only the wisdom of the "arzte" reenactments are a dime a dozen. Alex in westerland" belongs to a very rare species, both hits from the "hosen as well as from the "music doctors" in their repertoire. The band from frankfurt knows easily how to bring the atmosphere to a boil, and also makes a point of involving the audience: the audience thus becomes an integral part of the show. Whether "young", "here comes alex", "bonnie& clyde" or "westerland – the four musicians are masters of all the hits of the german punk urges. "Unrockbar", like the "doctors say no one remains there! For all their party appeal, the musicians also attach great importance to musical depth and authenticity. The "doctors" come first typical, polyphonic singing or a solo acoustic guitar to be used. On saturday, 12. January, at 9 p.M. The quartet performs in the small art pub "nepomuk" in altenkunstadt old and young alike will be under the influence of electricity.

Visit to the german armed forces: "waldlaufer" visits hammelburg

The "waldlaufer are a european youth group that meets once a year to explore lower franken forests in kleinheubach. They recently visited the federal army at the infantry training center in hammelburg.

Furst konstantin zu lowenstein is the organizer of the meeting. He says: "the children usually come to us several times and eagerly await the visit. The federal army forms the week's highlight." traditionally the waldlaufers are separated into boys and girls. This year, 30 girls and, a week later, 34 boys visited the infantry training center. While the girls enjoyed the best weather, it rained almost all day for the boys. "But this did not dampen the motivation", sergeant major michael jahns is delighted. He looked after the visitors this year.