Oerlenbach: petra schramm takes over as head of school

Now the school management is complete again: petra schramm was elected by the school family as "second head" welcome heiben.

The 3. Class made the start. Class led by angelika eirich with two beautiful pieces of music. In their speeches and speeches, the new director of the school district, cornelia krodel, and mayor franz kuhn wished petra schramm every happiness in her new office . Cornelia krodel lieb reviewed the vita of the new konrektorin in her speech. On behalf of the local staff council, anette renninger expressed her delight at the appointment of the popular colleague. Principal ulrich muller was particularly pleased that the school’s command bridge would now be fully staffed and ready for action again for years to come.

Drivers pick up laurels

Lichtenfels – in addition to a detailed report by the chairman alfons hrubesch, honors for preserved drivers were the focus of the annual meeting of the district traffic watch group.
The district chairman was pleased that 46 new school crossing helpers had been recruited, which means that there are now more than 800 helpers in the district carrying out their responsible voluntary work. Out of more than 800 young drivers, only 157 took the opportunity to improve their driving safety through the "conner through experience" training. It was urgently necessary for parents to exert an influence on their children. The elderly road users, who were celebrating their 60th birthday. When the savings bank invites children to a driver safety training course on their birthday, almost all of them take advantage of it.

The first goggo in the county
The center of attention was the awarding of nine drivers, who distinguished themselves over decades by their considerate driving. Andreas barnickel and helmut kiebling received the "gold with oak wreath" badge of honor for 40 years of safe driving, while hartmut stephan, kurt beier, manfred puls, georg and margareta schmitt received the "golden laurel leaf" for 50 years of safe driving were allowed to accept. They were outdone by josef schiepek and manfred fack, who have been driving for 60 and 60 years respectively. 70 years as safe drivers on the road.
The first vehicle of josef schiepek from redwitz, who conducted the leuchentaler blasmusik from mistelfeld for decades, was a zundapp scooter before he bought a vw kafer in 1957. Manfred fack obtained his motorcycle license as early as 1944, first riding an NSU quick around the area and later buying a goggomobil, the first in the county, as he recalls.

After accident with child: waizendorf residents demand traffic lights

The road divides the village. What the residents say about both sides. Many residents of waizendorf perceive the through road as a borderline: on one side lies waizendorf-east, on the other waizendorf-west. "Especially in the morning rush hour", says a mother in whose back the cars go by.

On tuesday, a seven-year-old boy was run over at the spot where the residents are now standing. The boy was seriously injured when he tried to cross the road. According to the press office of the police prasidium of upper franconia, the boy is doing better. He is approachable. Thank god.

Zubzas present their projects to the bishop

The small delegation from herzogenaurach, which is currently in nagaland, india, was the guest of james thoppil, the bishop of the kohima diocese. The kohima diocese comprises the districts of dimapur, kohima, mokokchung, mon, phek, tuensang, wokha and zunheboto in the state of nagaland.
The bishop, who has been in office since 2011, is very pleased with the "hand in hand for nagaland" aid project that has been set up in weisendorf and report on the many projects for children and families in nagaland. "The local people are at the center of our projects", spokesman ernst klimek told the bishop. For years, the concrete aid and aid projects coordinated with the salesians of don bosco have been aimed at giving people a better future and, in particular, at improving the living conditions as well as the education and training of disadvantaged people.
The zubzas proudly reported that three development workers were already successfully working in the area and impressed the bishop with the projects solar plant, playground, uv drinking water filter, construction of a school and much more. "Helping people to help themselves is a basic principle of our way of working, and the zubzas have been working successfully with this self-help approach for many years.", klimek explained to the bishop.

Predominantly christian

In conclusion, bishop thoppil promised to visit weisendorf during his stay in germany and briefly described the situation in his diocese. So each tribe has its own character with its own needs, language and clothing.
Nagaland is one of three states in india where the population is predominantly christian. Naga culture is rich in values such as community life, hospitality and openness, but also characterized by hard work, mostly for day laborers.
The diocese currently has about 58,000 catholics served by 36 parishes and twelve mission centers. "Faith is growing steadily, and we must keep up the momentum. Every missed opportunity is an opportunity lost forever", thoppil explained to his guests from germany.
Ernst klimek will also present the aid project to the students of the don bosco university. With a heartfelt thank you and a naga scarf, the bishop bid farewell to anita and ernst klimek as well as michaela drebinger.

Playful competitions against barriers

Almost seven weeks ago, a remarkable tournament took place in the old town hall in poppenlauer: seven local politicians and seven young people from the market town of mabbach each competed for almost a whole day in games such as table football, mensch argere dich nicht, memory "ich packe einen koffer" ("i'm packing a suitcase"), chat, viking chess and darts. Winner of this "youth versus politicians" competition the young people. This pilot project was organized by the municipal youth work department of the district office of bad kissingen. District youth worker daniel korn presented the results of the evaluation, which is primarily based on a survey of the participants, at the youngest meeting of the market town council.

He was very pleased with the result. The aim was to lower the young people's inhibitions about approaching local politicians and to find out who actually sits on the town council. "Many are of the opinion that the local politicians are very high people, which one may not address", said the district youth worker. The survey showed that both teams got to know each other better and had a lively exchange of ideas and opinions. Korn suggested that such a game day should possibly take place once a year, but at least once per election period, in order to strengthen contact. There should be a change between the different parts of the town in order to give all young people the chance to participate.

Dispute in neunkirchen: traffic surveillance on the backs of temporary workers?

The traffic in the municipality of neunkirchen am brand and the traffic at rest have been monitored so far. This was decided in 2011 and a special-purpose agreement was concluded with the city of spalt for this purpose. The city of spalt, which is responsible for the processing of the case, advised the municipality to commission the "wach- und schliebgesellschaft" for the execution of the case. This has also been taken care of. Now, the new employee leave act (aug) could interrupt this surveillance. According to the aug, a temporary worker may only be employed by a hirer for 18 months at a time. Then three months had to be interrupted before the worker could be employed again by the same hirer. However, this will mean an interruption of three months for the traffic control.

Hiring herself?

To prevent this, the municipality was able to hire the staff as temporary workers during the period itself. The guard and lock company therefore had a "supplementary agreement" drafted, which should now be approved by the municipal council. The processing of the case continued to be taken over by the city of spalt, without additional costs during the transitional period.

Three trees fall for new center in obertheres

The revised plans for the surroundings of the new sports hall, the peter wagner school and the kindergarten in obertheres were presented to the theres town council at its most recent meeting. Also present were the representatives of the theres community, who are responsible for the village renewal and have already agreed to this approval.

Among other things, three trees have to be felled, as heike kluge from the architecture firm perleth from schweinfurt explained. This is necessary because the crowns and especially the roots protrude into the future service road, which will also become the fire department access road. Instead, a new row of small-crowned trees would be planted along one side of the road, the landscape architect explained.

Kellner from hsc coburg in the junior national team

While the 1. As the hsc 2000 coburg team prepares for its home game against dessau this week, youngster benedikt kellner has traveled to the first training session of the newly formed german national under-20 team. Together with 17 other players from the 1998/1999 age group, the 19-year-old completed the training course in warendorf, westphalia.
During his youth career benedikt kellner was regularly nominated for training courses of the german youth national teams. Later, the munich native was not called up to the. All the more reason for him to be pleased that, after consistently good performances in the 1. And 2. Team the vestestadter was invited again by the coach duo erik wudtke and klaus-dieter petersen to the training course.
For the youth coordinator of the hsc 2000 coburg, martin rohrig, the nomination of benedikt kellner does not come as a surprise either: "he has clearly improved his performance, so that he has rightly been given the chance to compete with the best young talents in germany again."
The U-20 national team is scheduled to play more international matches and a training course in november. Followed in january by the traditional four-country tournament against france, spain and portugal. With a view to further training courses and test matches, kellner now has to confirm his performance in order to be back in the squad in the winter, something that HSC coach jan gorr also confirms: "bene took another clear step forward in his development during preparation and also in the first games of the season. Therefore, he has earned the invitation for this course in my eyes."
Besides benedikt kellner, another player of the HSC 2000 coburg, jakob knauer, had been present at the training course. Knauer, however, had to pass due to his change of school and the upcoming high school graduation: "it’s a pity, I would have liked to be there. Unfortunately, I had to cancel the course due to the approaching deadline for my seminar paper", according to knauer.
Nevertheless, the 18-year-old is still ambitious and would like to be part of the next training course. Maybe the HSC coburg will have another junior national player after benedikt kellner with jakob knauer.

The firefighters of marktstetten have made a lot of work to get a replacement for their 32 year old vehicle LF 16. Since a new vehicle is not financed by the city, they have looked for a used fire truck and, after two less successful attempts, have now found one in lower saxony. After a thorough inspection of the 20-year-old vehicle, which is in "top condition" they now proposed the purchase to the city council.

Even though the cost is above the budget, the council unanimously approved the purchase on monday evening. The "new" the fire truck costs just under 60,000 euros, the old one is paid for at around 7,000 euros, the fire department association adds another 5,000 euros, so that the city ends up with 48,000 euros – a new vehicle costs almost ten times as much. The necessary installation of the equipment will be done by the firefighters themselves.