constitutional protection: spies from china target germans in social networks

Lily wu calls herself assistant to the secretary general of a center for chinese-european development studies. The linkedin profile picture shows an accurate young woman who is assiduously taking notes in pencil. They cite one of the country’s most prestigious universities as a reference. Laeticia chen identifies herself as a project manager for a chinese thinktank in the world’s largest career network with well over 400 million registered users. And jason wang introduces himself as the manager of an association that wants to improve relations with china.

All three profiles have at least two things in common: they are potentially interesting contacts for experts, politicians and scientists with a penchant for china, with allegedly more than 500 contacts. And all three are fake profiles. At least, that is what a project group of the federal office for the protection of the constitution (bfv) has found out. From january to the end of september, the group intensively studied one of the currently most important forms of chinese espionage: contact via social media.

British intelligence services alleged to have spied on g20 partners

A british intelligence agency spy affair incriminates the G8 summit in northern ireland. The british intelligence service GCHQ is said to have spied on delegations from allied countries such as south africa and turkey in 2009 in the course of the G20 summit in london, the guardian reported. He bristles at datasets from former u.S. Intelligence official edward snowden.

The government communications headquarters (GCHQ) is the british counterpart to the american intelligence agency NSA. It is possible that the guardian the material was held back in enniskillen until the day of the summit start. Downing street said on monday that it does not comment on security issues as a matter of principle.

Record heat fills the outdoor pools in forchheim

The heat record is followed by a record number of outdoor pools. While the numerous visitors cool off in the refreshing water or move as little as possible in the heat and therefore just lie on the lawn and relax, the employees hardly have a breather.

In the konigsbad in forchheim, the caller can barely get through. The current visitor numbers show a comparison with the visitor numbers in the previous year by means of a red bar: three times as many guests are in the pool as at the same time last year. These figures are valid for all the outdoor pools in the district across the board.