Nagengast back in the league's daily routine

The bavarian football association (BFV) team beat serbia’s vojvodina to win the UEFA regions’ cup intermediate round and secure a ticket to next year’s european amateur championships. Coach engin yanova’s eleven won the third and final game of group 5 2-0 against the serbians, who up to that point had not lost a game, and thus also won the direct comparison in the constellation with the teams from israel and serbia, who had the same points.

The goals in front of 469 spectators in rain am lech were scored by marco luburic (8.) and david bauer (50.) – both play for the local TSV rain team in the sud bavarian league. Philipp nagengast from jahn forchheim was substituted for luburic after one hour. Two vojvodina players sent off in injury time. By succeeding in the intermediate round tournament, the BFV selection has also drawn the ticket to participate in the final tournament of the best eight teams from europe 2019. The venue has not yet been determined.

industrial park: one size too big for himmelkron?

"That is 35 football fields!" The exclamation mark with which wilhelmine denk provides her comparison is inaudible. The chairwoman of the himmelkroner local group of the federation for nature conservation is referring to the commercial area on the B 303 opposite the frankenfarm, for which about 24 hectares of farmland have been designated. After the rejection of the mobile giant XXL lutz, a logistics company is now to settle there, according to reports.

"It is not that the federal government wants to prevent nature conservation business", denk takes the wind out of the sails of any critics. "It is about the rough, which is not comprehensible. The area is oversized." The local group is of the opinion that a small solution is enough and in addition gaps should be closed. For example, there is still one hectare left for the freeway gallery.

As a "bachelor jan kralitschka (36) battles for the hearts of 20 women in the new RTL show "pool champions – celebrities underwater he presents himself from 21. June against a whole series of challengers. How the modeling lawyer from bad honnef masters the leap from women’s hero into the deep end, why synchronized swimming is anything but a women’s sport and why he sometimes feels like a smurf, he reveals to the news agency spot on news.

Mr. Kralitschka, after the "bachelor take the "pool champions" now part. What made you switch to water??