environmentalists: less plastic in the packaging of sub-products

Before the start of the annual ISM cologne sub-goods fair, environmentalists call for a "system change" in the packaging of sub-goods. "The change must happen now," demands viola wohlgemuth, a packaging expert at greenpeace, in an interview with the deutsche presse-agentur.

There is a conflict of interests, because: "the industry wants packaging. Packaging enables more advertising." In the sub-cellulose sector, a particularly large number of products are wrapped in plastic or packaged individually in stacks.

Short-time work at infineon

New ceo reinhard ploss said: "where we can save, we are saving now." But he ruled out any job cuts. The capital goods industry is ordering far fewer chips, but demand from the automotive industry is still reasonably stable, he said.

In the fiscal year 2011/12, which ended at the end of september, revenues decreased slightly from 4.0 to 3.9 billion euros. But profits fell from 1.1 billion to just 427 million euros due to high capital spending. And the outlook is bleak: "the economic headwind is getting stronger. And we don’t see it turning around quickly," said ploss. That is why he is now putting the brakes on costs.

Kindergarten in sommerach to cost almost 150,000 euros more

Three items on the agenda of the sommerach council meeting concerned the renovation and expansion of the sommerach kindergarten. Most of the discussion was caused by the recognition of the cost update in the area of technical building equipment. Mayor elisabeth drescher explained that the INSEWA office had supplemented the energy concept planning prepared by the institute for energy technology and recalculated the necessary construction costs.

Among other things, costs have been increased by the heat pump system, the gas condensing boiler technology, the decentralized water supply via electric storage tanks in the new building, or by the fire alarm system, the house alarm and the telephone system. Compared with the first cost calculation of 15. August 2019 an increase of 141 586.20 euros, the community leader announced.

How the energy transition works at home

Saving energy at home – this interested about 40 people who came to the energy tour of the arbeitsgemeinschaft dorfschatze (village treasures working group).

According to the press release, the oldtimer bus of the weiglein family took them to three stops, each of which showed an example of the renovation of an older building or an innovative solution for energy-saving heating technology. First stop was abtswind. There, the renovated parental home (built in 1822) of klaus lenz could be visited. His son renovated the house in 2004 and optimized its energy efficiency.