Construction of the daycare center at herzo base will be more expensive

Construction of the daycare center at herzo base will be more expensive

The apparently good economic situation in the construction sector also has its disadvantages. And these have an impact on prices. Because the companies offering favorable rates were all booked up. This was explained by architect erich popp at the meeting of the main and finance committee on thursday evening.

Concrete example: the construction of the new daycare center at herzo base. A whopping 13 to 14 percent increase in costs had to be accepted, popp explained. And this is not only due to increased prices for the procurement of materials. Above all, the ratio between favorable and somewhat more expensive companies is no longer correct. For averaging is hardly possible at the moment, because the favorable suppliers are currently occupied with orders. So the high-priced bidders were left over.

At the moment, planners are assuming that the originally calculated total cost of 2.39 million euros for the kindergarten at herzo base will increase to about 2.75 million euros. However, the far larger chunks have already been allocated. Just under 300,000 euros in orders are still outstanding, explained gerhard merkel, head of the construction office.

For the cost increase, however, the city can not open to further grants. This was stated by mayor german hacker (SPD) in response to a question from green city council member maximilian maydt. For this, certain benchmarks are decisive, which were not decisive for the construction of the daycare center at herzo base anyway. Even without the cost increase, hacker says he was still over the limit of his budget.

For this reason, the city will bear the full additional costs itself, explained gerhard hofler, the city’s head of administration. The company had reached an agreement with its sponsor, the catholic church foundation of st. Germany. Magdalena, by resolution of october 2011 yes obliged to bear the costs of the mabnahme.

On the same evening, contracts were awarded for two other measures that are of interest to children and young people. That affected the middle school and the realschulturnhalle. In total, contracts worth around 440,000 euros were awarded.

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