Daycare center gets additional rooms

daycare center gets additional rooms

More space for childcare will soon be available in rentweinsdorf. The daycare center "budenzauber" is currently being expanded to include two group rooms, a dining room and a multipurpose room.

Some members of the rentweinsdorf SPD local association and member of the bundestag sabine dittmar recently inspected the construction site to see for themselves how the work is progressing. As can be seen from a press release of the local association, mayor steffen kropp ( SPD ) led through the construction site and explained the premises. He also reported that the expansion of the daycare center will cost around 2.5 million euros. The total amount of funds from various pots will be 1.3 million euros.

Completion by the end of 2022

Kropp emphasized that this investment is important for the future of the community and that the money is always well spent when it comes to children and their care. The path then continued to a possible outdoor play area of the kindergarten . The tree removals should be completed at the latest by december 2022, but the mayor hopes for earlier completion.

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