Elisabeth liedl was still playing tennis at the age of 90

Elisabeth liedl was still playing tennis at the age of 90

"Now I have unfortunately a stuck. I have knee problems", the rustic senior regrets and is not looking forward to the spring at all. Because actually now the season is about to start again.

But she does not put her tennis things out of her hand. As a precaution. In the closet still hang the woman's tennis skirt and a pair of tennis shorts. Also in female, because another color just doesn't fit on the tennis court, thinks the over 90-year-old. "Tennis is a sport with a lot of movement. It all comes down to speed and safety. And it is a joy", schwarmt liedl.

High up
Satisfied she tells that she has been a very sporty person all her life. "I also did two almost-4000ers – the wildspitz in otztal (3768) and the cevedale (3769) in sudtirol", tells elisabeth liedl. She was also an enthusiastic skier.

Elisabeth liedl is a real munchner kindl. Later she lived with her parents in starnberg, then in augsburg. "My father was transferred to karlsbad, he was a lawyer. But there we had to leave everything behind because we were evicted – and so we returned to starnberg", tells elisabeth liedl.

"My father was then denazified and exonerated and was transferred to the ministry in munich, later he was president of the administrative court in bayreuth", the now 90-year-old reports on eventful times.

TC member since 1963
Already in the augsburg time the parents played tennis. "We played before the war, it was a very noble sport. I myself first joined red-weib in kulmbach in 1963. I first had to learn a profession and earn money. Because not everyone could afford tennis back then", reports the jubilarian. "I was also on the women's team", she looks back. Her dunlop-maxfly-schlager has always served her well in this respect. "He was always good for me", elisabeth liedl tells us, and she especially reminisces about her school vacations, when she had more time. "I played as often as I could during the vacations", laughs the senior and also remembers her teacher days with pleasure. At times she had to look after up to 206 pupils. "But I have always kept my cheerfulness and I have understood it with the youth", says elisabeth liedl.

The 90-year-old, who still lives alone and runs her household, is very pleased to have been appointed an honorary member. Furthermore, barbara bruckner (honorary member), dieter nutzel, helmut moller, wolfgang meibner and kurt felbinger were honored for 40 years of loyalty and robert leithner, alfred during and michael ebeling for 25 years of membership.

At the annual general meeting of the tennis club rot-weib, the chairman of the tennis club, hans-dieter ernst, also had reason to rejoice. "We are in the auarttrend", he sent clear signals. Although the tennis boom is long gone, twenty new members found their way to the TC rot-weib last year. The club now has 187 members.

"For many years we could finally form a women's team again. And i am the team leader", explained youth leader monika ernst.

50 young people in training
And the club has a future with young people anyway. Because coach matthias hohn acts like a magnet. 50 young people are currently training at TC rot-weib. "We start the season with nine teams in the school and youth sections," laughs the senior, monika ernst drew a balance.

The club is now focusing on the media games, followed by the club championships. And in the summer the tennis club rot-weib wants to hold a tennis camp. "We will continue to advertise at the schools", the TC still hopes for rising membership numbers.

The elections
New elections were also on the agenda at the annual general meeting. Hans-dieter ernst remains at the head of the club, deputy chairman is and remains alexander philipp. In the future, manfred heinbuch will act as sports director, and wolfgang hoffmann as hall director.

Monika ernst is responsible for the youth, josef kohler for the cashier, sigrid karrasch for the treasurer. And sabine viebmann remains responsible for the website, and werner sossna for advertising.

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