Gypsy carnival wilhelmsthal: man jokes and a camel with boots

Gypsy carnival wilhelmsthal: man jokes and a camel with boots

Whenever you think it can't go any higher or any further, the wilhelmsthal gypsy carnival with its host thomas schreiner goes one better.
This year, too, the jubilation roared through the gymnasium in high waves. The reason for it were once more the numerous show inserts, sketches, played jokes and dance numbers. And of course the songs. Party like at the ballermann.

Carnival fans are thrilled

20 points, three rounds. What sounded like a sports table was a full evening program that had the carnival fans laughing themselves silly over and over again.
What happened in "black light began, ended with "let's dance" and a fireworks display. In between, death, prayers, jokes, the hole in the bucket, the popo-polonaise and the topic of fine ribs played a leading role.

The pants pulled down

And then there were… Exactly: a camel that conquered the stage with an impressive invasion. It had rubber boots on. With a twinkle in their eyes and not quite in a youthful way, people pulled down their pants and climbed up a sand dune in order to…
No, the camel was not intended to satisfy certain needs of mating men, but was used solely for transportation out of the desert and into the nightlife. However, there were certain misunderstandings in between…

Man jokes with a lot of cliche

On the subject of "jokes about manners the participants dug deep into the cliche box and pulled out the CIA sketch, among others.
Scenario: final call. The instructor sent three attendants one after the other into an adjoining room to push the girlfriend, then the fiancee and finally the wife of many years. The first two candidates failed with a bang.

The third candidate was enthusiastic about his task, but found that the gun contained only blank cartridges. Verargert he complained: "which fool has then burst cartridges in the waffn? Now I had to shock mei alta with an chair."

And those who are already looking forward to next year's gypsy carnival, will have to wait a little longer.

Conversion of the gymnasium

Due to the reconstruction of the gymnasium, the battle cry will probably not be heard again until 2020: "wilhelmsthal maih, maih, maih".

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