Surface has brought microsoft 853 million dollars so far

Microsoft has so far earned a total of 853 million dollars with its surface tablets. This emerges from a communication of the company to the american financial supervisory authority SEC. In the quarterly report, the business with the new tablets was not listed separately.

In the period up to the end of june, however, microsoft had to write off 900 million dollars on the loss in value of previously unsold advices. Industry insiders speculate that the group is stuck with around six million surface RT. And high advertising expenses were added.

A balmy night with a southern flair attracted thousands to kulmbach's city center

With a loud drone, a fiery red arrow approaches kulmbach's marketplace. Jochen isert piloted the ferrari california T, built in 2015. The car has 560 hp under the hood. But that doesn't make it the front-runner among the classy cars by a long shot. Even more is possible. Thomas reinhold, for example, drives up in a brand-new ferrari 488. Year of construction 2018. The vehicle has carbon equipment. And it puts 670 hp on the road.

Man's dream on wheels

The cameras and cell phones are clicking. Because such cars are men's dreams. Of course, it is not only about the horsepower of the autocorso that brings the italian night to kulmbach. "We can show 45 vehicles this year – even antique treasures are among them", wolfgang isert explains. And the antique treasures that walter schaller has rounded up can score points with their sympathy values.
The oldest car is a fiat topolino B500 only 16.5 hp strong, but if need be 95 kilometers per hour fast. Karlheinz erhardt once had the car "in touts and boxes" bought. It took him about 2000 hours to restore it.
At the italian night the market place became a real piazza. The staircase of the town hall mutated into a "spanish staircase". The atmosphere was almost like in rome. Passers-by who could not find a place at the beer tables were allowed to eat and drink there – something that has not been allowed at the original location for a long time.

Oerlenbach: petra schramm takes over as head of school

Now the school management is complete again: petra schramm was elected by the school family as "second head" welcome heiben.

The 3. Class made the start. Class led by angelika eirich with two beautiful pieces of music. In their speeches and speeches, the new director of the school district, cornelia krodel, and mayor franz kuhn wished petra schramm every happiness in her new office . Cornelia krodel lieb reviewed the vita of the new konrektorin in her speech. On behalf of the local staff council, anette renninger expressed her delight at the appointment of the popular colleague. Principal ulrich muller was particularly pleased that the school’s command bridge would now be fully staffed and ready for action again for years to come.

Lore ragati from wiesentheid turns 90

On sunday, 6. September, lore ragati from wiesentheid celebrates her 90th birthday. Birthday. The lively senior doesn't have any too rough wishes. "Health and that you can still help yourself. I can't complain, says ragati, who still looks after herself. Their elixir of life was and is the sport, by which in the district is a term. "Sport has influenced me since I was ten years old, it has brought me a great deal."

Even today she benefits from it, as she says. Even in old age, not a day goes by that lore ragati doesn't do her gymnastics exercises. "That is innate, in the morning or also in the evening belongs for me to it." she simply needs movement. For this purpose, she makes her daily rounds in the surrounding area with her wheelchair, which she uses for further journeys. In addition, she takes care of her coarse garden.

Murdoch manager rebekah brooks in court

Brooks and her husband charlie brooks – both close acquaintances of the prime minister – are likely to face trial in the coming weeks on charges of miscarriage of justice, the U.K. Attorney general’s office announced tuesday in london. Four employees of rebekah brooks (43) were also accused of helping her to remove documents, among other things.

Rebekah brooks was chief executive of rupert murdoch’s british newspaper holding company, news international, from 2009 to 2011. She is considered the key figure in the scandal, which also involves too close a relationship between the media and politics and bribing police officers.

The meeting of the women's list (FL) county began with a report by county councilwoman petra zenkel-schirmer on the public part of the previous county committee. One of the most important points for the members was the information about a possible power line route through the district of kronach.
In this context, chairwoman silke wolf-mertensmeyer pointed out that the FL already had information in november 2014 that predicted this alarming event. Maria gerstner recalled the subsequent motion of the FL in the district council with the urgent request to take this information seriously, to inform the district council continuously and to take action if necessary.

"No route through county"

The women present agreed that there should be no power line through the district of kronach, which, according to petra kostner, is also demonstrably not one of the most economical.
The next topic was a very pleasant one, because it was about the tourist development of margraviate churches in upper franconia. In particular around evangelic churches in the district of kronach for example the churches of langenau and ludwigsstadt. "This is certainly an untapped force for tourism and regional demand", regional bishop dorothea greiner commented on this in the press. "These appointments are sure to bring 'light' to our district, says lujza schmogner.
The report on the key data of the 2018 district budget was listened to with great interest. In the following discussion, the investments for the renovation of the schools as well as the VHS were buried extraordinarily.
Beate schmidt, city councilor of teuschnitz, expressed her regret that the upcoming retreat of the teuschnitz city council was scheduled to overlap, so that she and her colleague hedwig schnappauf were unfortunately unable to participate.
A concept study is to be prepared for the planning of the expansion of olschnitzsee lake. Petra zenkel-schirmer said that if the traffic situation could be solved well, the current planning would be a great thing.

Almost 200 runners attack the zabelstein

With almost 500 participants, the "zabelstein-runners" run was a great success of the tsv westheim yesterday sunday to a successful running event. "All good things come in threes, one could say, because the two winkelberg-runs of the previous years already attracted many runners. The third edition with a half marathon up the zabelstein was the high point, however, where last year's winner sven starklauf once again proved his running class with a clear lead of 3:30 minutes over his pursuers.

With an anxious look to the sky, the organizers got up in the early morning still a little uncertain, because it had rained during the night, and the clouds and side clouds also kept the mountain ridge of the zabelstein covered. But the weather became more and more clear, and in between there were also rays of sunshine.

Speculation about job cuts at deutsche bank

So far, the bank had announced cuts mainly abroad due to the global crisis in the sector. The institute has so far been coy about its plans. Employee representatives are nevertheless already preparing for cuts, as the head of the group works council, alfred herling, told the dpa news agency. It is still unclear where personnel cuts are to be made.

A group spokesman rejected the impression that 4,000 to 6,000 jobs alone could be eliminated by merging the IT systems in the area of downstream services, such as in the processing of banking transactions. This "speculation" is wrong, the number is made up out of thin air. He confirmed, however, that the group intends to bundle the downstream services of the postbank, norisbank and deutsche bank brands into a new unit. "There are currently no plans to reduce staff beyond what has already been agreed with employee representatives," the spokesman explained.

Gypsy carnival wilhelmsthal: man jokes and a camel with boots

Whenever you think it can't go any higher or any further, the wilhelmsthal gypsy carnival with its host thomas schreiner goes one better.
This year, too, the jubilation roared through the gymnasium in high waves. The reason for it were once more the numerous show inserts, sketches, played jokes and dance numbers. And of course the songs. Party like at the ballermann.

Carnival fans are thrilled

20 points, three rounds. What sounded like a sports table was a full evening program that had the carnival fans laughing themselves silly over and over again.
What happened in "black light began, ended with "let's dance" and a fireworks display. In between, death, prayers, jokes, the hole in the bucket, the popo-polonaise and the topic of fine ribs played a leading role.

daycare center gets additional rooms

More space for childcare will soon be available in rentweinsdorf. The daycare center "budenzauber" is currently being expanded to include two group rooms, a dining room and a multipurpose room.

Some members of the rentweinsdorf SPD local association and member of the bundestag sabine dittmar recently inspected the construction site to see for themselves how the work is progressing. As can be seen from a press release of the local association, mayor steffen kropp ( SPD ) led through the construction site and explained the premises. He also reported that the expansion of the daycare center will cost around 2.5 million euros. The total amount of funds from various pots will be 1.3 million euros.