Iris berben worries about culture under corona

Iris berben worries about culture under corona

Actress iris berben (70) worries about the fate of culture in corona times. "The pandemic won’t be gone by the end of the year, so we have to find ways to keep the culture alive," berben told the "neue osnabrucker zeitung" newspaper.

"We know how quickly culture is cut and falls into the luxury segment for many political decision-makers. Culture is as important as the air we breathe," said berben.

She sees the cinema landscape in particular as being in danger: "even before the crisis, the cinema was something that had to be fought for again and again."Now corona is getting in the way, "and it looks so terribly sad. It feels like a stab in the back." With the partial lockdown decided by the federal government and the states in november, all theaters, cinemas, concert halls and museums will also have to close again.

She suffers from what the virus "does to our society and our life together". But she has little sympathy for people who think the protective measures are excessive, said berben. "We are where we are at the moment because we have been so disciplined."She trusts the politicians, the virologists and the doctors.

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