Kindergarten in sommerach to cost almost 150,000 euros more

Kindergarten in sommerach to cost almost 150,000 euros more

Three items on the agenda of the sommerach council meeting concerned the renovation and expansion of the sommerach kindergarten. Most of the discussion was caused by the recognition of the cost update in the area of technical building equipment. Mayor elisabeth drescher explained that the INSEWA office had supplemented the energy concept planning prepared by the institute for energy technology and recalculated the necessary construction costs.

Among other things, costs have been increased by the heat pump system, the gas condensing boiler technology, the decentralized water supply via electric storage tanks in the new building, or by the fire alarm system, the house alarm and the telephone system. Compared with the first cost calculation of 15. August 2019 an increase of 141 586.20 euros, the community leader announced.

Drescher: "you have to bite the bullet"

A thick chunk, according to drescher, but the exporting architect’s office has so far always tried to stay within the cost framework in its orders from the municipality. Council member josef jakob expressed dissatisfaction with the new figures. A possible increase of 50,000 euros was already discussed during the preliminary consultations, but what is now on the table "is simply too much", so jakob. Nevertheless, according to mayor elisabeth drescher, "we have to bite the bullet and accept the additional costs". The council unanimously approved the update of the cost calculation with the figures mentioned above.

The demolition of the intermediate building of the old kindergarten on nordheimer strabe is imminent. This area of use will be adapted, but is also associated with a change of use of the parish hall as an interim solution during the conversion phase. According to drescher, kindergarten operations are to continue unhindered. The parish of sommerach is in principle prepared to accommodate the after-school and preschool children in the parish hall, the head of the parish reported. A building law application for a change of use must be submitted for this purpose. Furthermore, a rental agreement is to be concluded with the parish foundation for the construction period until completion next year. Drescher was instructed to take all necessary steps to ensure that the children can be accommodated in the rectory in the short term.

Undercutting wall to be preserved

Finally, in connection with the kindergarten tree inspection, two additional items were presented to the councils. On the one hand, the undercutting wall on the northern boundary of the property, which is to be retained after all. The addition of the structural engineer HF fischer ingenieure (kitzingen) in the amount of 18,000 euros was acknowledged, as was the cost reduction (584 euros) for the renewal of the sewer connection.

Further items on the agenda of the sommerach municipal council

– 14-day jour-fixe-meetings with the architect, the construction office volkach, the executing construction company, the kindergarten management and the municipality will take place at the kindergarten sommerach, mayor drescher announced.

– barbara naveu, mayor of the sommerach twinning municipality of dizy, took office on 30 june 2009. May 2020 handed over to antoine chiquet. The municipality of sommerach paid congratulations. For the good maintenance of the partnership, said drescher, a call will be launched in the next municipal bulletin to install a sponsorship committee also in sommerach.

– the gaming or. Sports operations can be resumed at the SV/DJK sommerach with restrictions. According to information from the head of the municipality, a comprehensive hygiene concept was presented to the municipality by the board of the sports club. The community agreed to the concept. The sports grounds and the sports halls have not yet been opened for public use.

– the sommerach fruit and horticulture association is sponsoring a small garden house for the school garden, which will be erected in the coming weeks.

– drescher informed with regard to the water quality about the test report of the fernwasserversorgung franken, which had taken a drinking water sample in the town hall. The conclusion: the water meets the requirements of the drinking water ordinance.

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