Lore ragati from wiesentheid turns 90

Lore ragati from wiesentheid turns 90

On sunday, 6. September, lore ragati from wiesentheid celebrates her 90th birthday. Birthday. The lively senior doesn't have any too rough wishes. "Health and that you can still help yourself. I can't complain, says ragati, who still looks after herself. Their elixir of life was and is the sport, by which in the district is a term. "Sport has influenced me since I was ten years old, it has brought me a great deal."

Even today she benefits from it, as she says. Even in old age, not a day goes by that lore ragati doesn't do her gymnastics exercises. "That is innate, in the morning or also in the evening belongs for me to it." she simply needs movement. For this purpose, she makes her daily rounds in the surrounding area with her wheelchair, which she uses for further journeys. In addition, she takes care of her coarse garden.

Formerly a successful gymnast and track and field athlete in bavaria, lore ragati was active for decades as a sports teacher and exercise instructor in schools and clubs. On the second educational path, she once took her examinations to teach physical education at the grammar schools in wiesentheid and munsterschwarzach as well as at the former school for social professions on the schwanberg hill.

Celebration with family and sports friends

It has taught generations of children their first steps in gymnastics and much more. Until corona came, the jubilarian regularly attended the exercise classes of the gymnastics children of TSV/DJK wiesentheid. "I miss that very much, I hope that soon can be training again." at the TSV/DJK she was engaged as a department leader in this section, the association appointed her as an honorary member as a thank you for her merits.

Born in wiesentheide, she married her husband josef, who died in 2008, in 1954. Her son hansjurgen has inherited the family's sporting genes and is also a sports teacher and well-known as a coach in fubball in lower franconia. Celebrating lore ragatis 90th birthday.Birthday with the family and, how could it be otherwise, with some friends and acquaintances from the old sports days?.

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