Mortal danger lurks in the ground

Mortal danger lurks in the ground

On sunday morning, the erlangen-hochstadt district office, together with nature conservation officers and the erlangen-land police department, checked bicyclists and pedestrians in various areas of the former tennenlohe military training area. Recently, the authorities have observed increasing violations of the applicable nature conservation ordinance as well as an ordinance issued by the district office that regulates the right of access to the land. This is according to a press release from the district administration.

According to the ordinance of the district office, entering and riding on all unauthorized trails is illegal and can be punished with fines. Reason for this: in former times the country was used as a military training area for troops.

Illegal mountain bike trails

Possible remaining ammunition and ammunition fragments in large parts of the former military training area can be dangerous for athletes and walkers who go off the paved paths.

During the control, despite the posted prohibition, many people were encountered off the paved and cleared paths to enter. In addition, the inspectors discovered a number of illegally created mountain bike trails that were set up without regard for nature. The majority of those involved were cooperative and understanding when the ban was explained to them.

On the basis of the personalities determined on site, the violations are now punished on the part of the district administrative authority, it says in the press release. Further controls should make visitors to the country aware of the danger and in the long run cause them to change their behavior.

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