New tree – new marketplace?

New tree - new marketplace?

The uncertain future of the marketplace lime tree prompted mayor bruno gamm (UW) to consider redesigning the marketplace in ei-nersheim. Landscape planner thomas wirth presented five conceptual models to the council on wednesday, which are now to be explored in greater depth in a workshop together with burgers.

Due to dead branches and the resulting safety reasons, the community has had its distinctive marketplace lime tree cut back significantly. We are currently waiting to see whether and to what extent the lime tree will be green again. Gamm, however, already expects that the tree, which dominates the townscape, will have to be removed.
The simplest solution from the point of view of the planning office would be arc.Grun a new planting. Since the pavement also had to be renewed, the tree and fountain could be moved to the street without affecting the parking spaces.

The view of the town hall would change significantly if solution two, with the planting of many small trees, came to fruition. They were allowed to sit in the shade and move the fountain back to its historically buried old location. "We love to create a place for small events", wirth suggested.

Solution 3 was similar, but the fountain was moved to the center of the square.
Similar to the square of the twin town in kitzingen with a prominent magnolia in the center came the variant 4. Here a border of the place with a low-growing hedge was offered itself.
The council gave little prospect of implementation to proposal number five, which was to leave the town hall completely free to act as it wished.

Grants don't wait forever
"There is still proper grant money, but it will not be reserved forever", gamm stressed, envisaging implementation of the project before the end of the year.

"We must preserve the parking spaces", siegfried bohm (UW) joined the discussion. Changes also had to be made to the seating areas and for the wine festival not to be an obstacle.

A solution with small trees was bent hanel (CSU) pleased, because here a small christmas and gluhweinmarkt could offer itself. He also stressed the need to respect the wine festival in any case.
"In france, a single tree is mabgeblich", said franz vogel (SPD), who could not accept more than one tree. He pleaded for the preservation of the sublime flat and the replanting of a rough tree, even if it costs something. "There are more important projects", underlined vogel, who also maintains the village's archives. "It's not just about spending money on something we don't need," he said, underlined gamm. The decisive factor is that a fall would create a construction site that could be used for changes.
Decisions on the possibilities have not been made for the time being.

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