Now surf for all it’s worth

Now surf for all it's worth

Yesterday at exactly 1 p.M., mayor karsten fischkal () symbolically turned the lever in the adelsdorf business park for the new DSL at up to 50 mbit/s. Around 500 households can benefit from this DSL expansion; all they have to do is apply for it at telekom. There is no automatic changeover. "For every community, an optimal internet connection is important if it wants to attract companies, but also private people", said mayor karsten fischkal.

"Telekom is pushing ahead with DSL expansion in the countryside," said mayor karsten fisch, explained ludwig nagel, head of the technical infrastructure production team at deutsche telekom. Nationwide, the company has already signed DSL cooperation agreements with over 3,000 communities.

1.5 kilometer line in neuhaus
"Already in december 2011, the municipality of adelsdorf signed the contract for the industrial area lausberg and for neuhaus with telekom", nagel explained. "The contract states that the project must be completed within 18 months," explained nagel." The planning took place in 2012, the track was prepared at the end of 2012, and the remaining work now took place in 2013. In total, 1.5 kilometers of trenching and 1.5 kilometers of fiber optic cable were laid for neuhaus.

For the lausberg only 700 meters of excavation were necessary, because some pipes were already in place. But here, too, 1.5 kilometers of fiber optic cable have been installed. Two multifunctional buildings were needed for each of the two villages.
The figures show that such a project is not exactly cheap: the municipality had to pay a total of 178,600 euros to telekom for both projects. But due to the demand program of the bavarian state government, they received a grant of 100,000 euros from the bavarian state.

But how does it look in aisch and the other parts of the town?? "Kabel deutschland already has broadband available here, so nothing is currently planned", said the mayor. "In addition, since this year there is a new demand program that is much more sophisticated", added nagel. "And there is still a lot to be sorted out!"

On the ball" for the oesdorf road
Fischkal assured: "we will definitely stay on the ball and also take care of the oesdorfer weg, which is still undersupplied in some places." Now the people of neuhaus in particular will enjoy the high-speed DSL. You can now access the internet, send e-mails, even download music and use entertain, telekom's TV product, in no time at all. Until now, it was often a catastrophe for many users there, because they could hardly work on the internet without interruption.

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