Oerlenbach: petra schramm takes over as head of school

Oerlenbach: petra schramm takes over as head of school

Now the school management is complete again: petra schramm was elected by the school family as "second head" welcome heiben.

The 3. Class made the start. Class led by angelika eirich with two beautiful pieces of music. In their speeches and speeches, the new director of the school district, cornelia krodel, and mayor franz kuhn wished petra schramm every happiness in her new office . Cornelia krodel lieb reviewed the vita of the new konrektorin in her speech. On behalf of the local staff council, anette renninger expressed her delight at the appointment of the popular colleague. Principal ulrich muller was particularly pleased that the school’s command bridge would now be fully staffed and ready for action again for years to come.

As a special surprise, the 4. The 4th class, under the direction of eva endres, rehearsed a lively and very personal piece, which was very touching for their class teacher petra schramm.

The highlight of the ceremony, however, was undoubtedly the speech of the new principal herself, in which she clothed the various circles of her new office in colors: she sees herself as a ray of light that reflects the jewel of the oerlenbach school in various colored reflections: yellow for the students as sunbeams of joy, the warm and calm purple for work and meeting the parents, the hopeful color green for a helping and friendly staff, blue for the objective and clear cooperation with the community and the school authority, orange , warm and lively for the principal, and finally red as the heart color for her husband stefan and the family as the most important source of strength.

Petra schramm expressed her gratitude to principal sonja then (poppenhausen) for her encouragement, but also to all those who had made the success of this wonderful celebration possible in the first place.

So she is just one of the many rays of light of the school family: "in the center is always the jewel".

The last word then belonged to the colleagues, who had not only rehearsed a song for the vice-principals, but also filled a school bag for petra schramm with many practical things for her new tasks.

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