environmentalists: less plastic in the packaging of sub-products

Before the start of the annual ISM cologne sub-goods fair, environmentalists call for a "system change" in the packaging of sub-goods. "The change must happen now," demands viola wohlgemuth, a packaging expert at greenpeace, in an interview with the deutsche presse-agentur.

There is a conflict of interests, because: "the industry wants packaging. Packaging enables more advertising." In the sub-cellulose sector, a particularly large number of products are wrapped in plastic or packaged individually in stacks.

Ten missing after landslide in norway

At the same time, she called on the people in the region to be aware of 23.00 o’clock no fireworks in the area to not endanger the helicopters and drones in the air.

There were no reports of fatalities as of thursday morning. The police already made clear on wednesday evening: "the focus of the operation is to save lives."

Per capita debt decreased

This year's burgermeister meetings in the municipality of thundorf started at the musikheim theinfeld. Mayor egon kloffel (CSU) gave a review and an outlook of the events in the municipality and especially in the district of theinfeld. His balance sheet points to a solid municipal policy.

The debt of the municipality at the end of 2019 was 31250 euros. With a total of 1064 inhabitants, the per capita debt has decreased further and is currently 29.81 euros compared to the national average of 606 euros. Since kloffel took office in 2014, per capita debt has fallen from 224 euros to 29.81 euros.

Elisabeth liedl was still playing tennis at the age of 90

"Now I have unfortunately a stuck. I have knee problems", the rustic senior regrets and is not looking forward to the spring at all. Because actually now the season is about to start again.

But she does not put her tennis things out of her hand. As a precaution. In the closet still hang the woman's tennis skirt and a pair of tennis shorts. Also in female, because another color just doesn't fit on the tennis court, thinks the over 90-year-old. "Tennis is a sport with a lot of movement. It all comes down to speed and safety. And it is a joy", schwarmt liedl.

Drivers pick up laurels

Lichtenfels – in addition to a detailed report by the chairman alfons hrubesch, honors for preserved drivers were the focus of the annual meeting of the district traffic watch group.
The district chairman was pleased that 46 new school crossing helpers had been recruited, which means that there are now more than 800 helpers in the district carrying out their responsible voluntary work. Out of more than 800 young drivers, only 157 took the opportunity to improve their driving safety through the "conner through experience" training. It was urgently necessary for parents to exert an influence on their children. The elderly road users, who were celebrating their 60th birthday. When the savings bank invites children to a driver safety training course on their birthday, almost all of them take advantage of it.

The first goggo in the county
The center of attention was the awarding of nine drivers, who distinguished themselves over decades by their considerate driving. Andreas barnickel and helmut kiebling received the "gold with oak wreath" badge of honor for 40 years of safe driving, while hartmut stephan, kurt beier, manfred puls, georg and margareta schmitt received the "golden laurel leaf" for 50 years of safe driving were allowed to accept. They were outdone by josef schiepek and manfred fack, who have been driving for 60 and 60 years respectively. 70 years as safe drivers on the road.
The first vehicle of josef schiepek from redwitz, who conducted the leuchentaler blasmusik from mistelfeld for decades, was a zundapp scooter before he bought a vw kafer in 1957. Manfred fack obtained his motorcycle license as early as 1944, first riding an NSU quick around the area and later buying a goggomobil, the first in the county, as he recalls.

Gertjan verbeek, Bader's last arrow in the stove

Gertjan verbeek fits the bill for club sports director martin bader. With coach owl hans meyer, the 1. FC nurnberg 2007 DFB cup winner, celebrating the greatest success in the club’s recent history. Under dieter hecking, who also sometimes had a gnarled appearance, the club has been sailing in calm sporting waters in recent years. So now another coach who is considered authoritarian is supposed to give the players a leg up and thus bring the lurching traditional francophone club back on track.

Bader – whose ten-year tenure at the FCN has already seen the sixth change of coach – is once again making a U-turn. With thomas von heesen and michael oenning, he had already relied twice on the young generation of coaches, whose working style and appearance clearly differed from those of the "hard dogs of the industry. With vogel, who has also been described as "soft" by the public the perceived michael wiesinger, bader once again did not show a happy hand and corrected this – almost reflexively – by installing the disciplinary fanatic verbeek.

Two dogs have survived the tragedy

Even one day after the tragedy in friesen, there is still horror about this act in the district of kronach. "We are all still totally beside the cap. You first have to get over all that", says katrin meserth of the kronach animal shelter, where the dogs should actually have been housed.

All but five of the 49-year-old dog owner's animals were to be taken away because they were not kept in a manner appropriate to the species, and this was ultimately the trigger for the tragedy. The district office explains in a statement that the veterinary office first became aware of the case in june 2011 due to an animal welfare complaint.

Us national bankruptcy all but averted

The U.S. Administration, which has been partially paralyzed for two weeks, is also expected to resume operations after a stopgap budget is passed. The bill still had to pass both chambers of congress, which was considered a near certainty. Republicans gave up their resistance.

Senate republican opposition leader mitch mcconnell confirmed the agreement. There was every indication that the bill could even make it through congress on wednesday. House republican leader john boehner said his party would not block the borrowing limit increase and the transition budget. "We put up a good fight, we just didn't win," he told radio station 700 WLW in his home state of ohio. The votes in the two chambers were still expected in the evening (local time).

Alcohol and tobacco age the brain faster

Regular alcohol and tobacco use makes the brain age a little faster. This is the conclusion reached by scientists who used artificial intelligence (AI) to link images of the brain with people’s smoking and drinking habits.

The team led by arthur toga of the university of southern california in los angeles (california, u.S.A.) presents its findings in the journal "scientific reports.

Michl muller inspires audience in neukenroth

Michl muller delivered his promise of a lot of fun and a huge amount of humor in the zecherhalle in neukenroth. On "bridge day, on which the bits were allowed to stay in, his way led him to neukenroth.

While the ADAC warned of traffic jams because of the extended weekend, the journey to neukenroth, the place of his sleepless nights, was a real dream. One day after the "day of german unity, where the people in east and west were moving closer together again, the do-gooder with his program "that's what i wanted to say…" Much about politics.